SkyPrivate & CamModelDirectory: What They Offer and Why You’d Want to Join Them

You might have already heard of these 2 platforms. They’re the usual answers to forum questions like: “Do you do Skype shows?”

Why? Because they’re the ONLY 2 ways to get secure payments for your Skype cam shows. And your Discord ones.

So, if you’re thinking of doing Skype/Discord shows because, well:

  • You can charge more, skipping the revenue-sharing of traditional cam sites
  • They’re more private – no need to be constantly ON (for free) in chat rooms – more intimate and give you more creative freedom 

… then you’ll want to consider these two cam sites specialized EXCLUSIVELY in facilitating the selling of Skype and Discord cam shows.

So, let’s dive right into the:

  • Why each one of them might be a good fit for you
  • The tools and features you’ll want to try FIRST

Let’s dive right in…

You’ll Want to Try SkyPrivate Because…

… Because you’re considering offering shows on Skype, right?

And you’re looking for a secure way to get paid for them.

When you’re using SkyPrivate, customers can pay you through the platform directly.

The site’s pay-per-minute plugin charges them, by the minute, for the time spent with you on Skype/Discord calls.

And there are other strong reasons why SkyPrivate might just be the best fit for you:

  • You get one of the highest base payout percentages: 75%
  • You can join their EXTRA 6% referral program and boost your income beyond the 75% base payout (more about it in a bit)
  • You have all the tools and features, under the same hood, that you need to sell a variety of services: Discord shows, Skype shows either paid per minute or prepaid videos (even custom ones)
  • It’s 100% private from the get-go: no need to spend time in the free chat rooms to draw Members in. You decide when you go online and for how long. You’re free to set your own schedule.

You’ll Want to Try CamModelDirectory Because…

Because, again, you’re interested in doing Skype and even Discord shows.

And you want secure payments whether we’re talking about per-minute payments or pre-payments.

Also, you’ll find CamModelDirectory a great fit for you if:

  • You want to be part of the thriving community of experienced Models, with a “business owner” mindset you have there (who’re most active on Discord, sharing their top tips and advice, answering questions and, overall, offering the best support to one another)
  • You want to sell your Discord/Skype shows to US clients, mostly 

Top Tools & Features on SkyPrivate & CamModelDirectory

1. Pay-Per-Minute Plugin: Charge Members per Minute for Your Skype/Discord Shows

Once you accept the request for a video call on Skype/Discord, the plugin starts charging the Member by the minute.

It’ll use the per-per-minute price you’ll set for yourself when you sign up on any of these 2 platforms and create your Model account. That you can decide to display (or not) on your Model profile.

Not only does the plugin charge the Member during your 1-on-1 show, but it also notifies you that the person calling you on Skype is, indeed, a SkyPrivate Member.

After the show, you’ll get credited with the money for that Skype/Discord call.

2. Prepaid Sessions: Have Members Prepay for a Show with You

This is an alternative to the pay-per-minute type of payment you have on both sites.

And it’s pretty straightforward: the user (cause in this case he’s not even required to be a registered Member) can pay, in advance, for a Skype or Discord show with you.

He is advised on your Profile page that he should contact you so you can discuss the details of the show

Like call duration and the day when you two will meet on Skype/Discord for the 1-on1

Tip! Many Models use this option of payment with their regular customers, mostly. That they already had a good experience with.

3. “Minimum Call Duration”: Charge Nothing Less than Your Minimum Call Time

Picture this:

  • Your rate on SkyPrivate/Cammmodeldirectory is $3/minute, let’s day
  • You set your minimum call duration to… 3 minutes
  • And a Member ends the call with you after just 1 minute or 2
  • Then, you still get paid for the FULL 3-minute call: $9

As you won’t charge anything less than your minimum call duration.

This way, you eliminate the risk of losing your time, effort (and money) with time-wasters.

4. Video Store: Sell Videos Right from Your Model Profile

You’ll see, both platforms are more like your money-making toolboxes.

Because it’s not just Skype and Discord shows that you get to sell there.

Videos, too.

You’ll have a video store in your Model Account it’ll show up on your Profile page, too that Members can scan through and… buy from.

You’re free to use your marketing skills there and make them as appealing as you want to: add a catchy title and description, relevant tags, and a promising video preview to tease them into buying.

And, of course, you’re free to price them as you like.

5. Prepaid Packages: Bundle Up Multiple Services and Sell Them on Your Profile

That’s right, you have this option, too, on both SkyPrivate and CamModelDirectory.

You can put together several of your services  x-minute Skype and Discord shows, x-minute sexting, x-minute custom video into packages to:

  • get visitors on your Profile to spend more with you from the get-go
  • use them as those hard-to-resist-to incentives that’ll turn current Members into (your) regulars

6. Rate Your Experiences with Members

This one is pretty self-explanatory: after each Skype or Discord call you can:

  • rate the experience you had with that Member: give it 5, 4… or 1 star
  • leave a short review, too

7. Get an “EXTRA 6%” added to ALL the Payments Coming from Your Referred Members

Let’s say someone has used that referral link we’ve just talked about to sign up on SkyPrivate. Or CamModelDirectory

Now if that same Member:

  • calls you on Skye/Discord
  • tips you
  • pre-buys a show with you
  • buys a video from your video store

… you’ll have an EXTRA 6% added to whatever the sum he pays for that service.

For as long as he’s a SkyPrivate Member.

8. “Promoted Model” Slots: Secure Your Place at the Top of the Page

There are only 20 “Promoted Model” slots right at the top of the page (the Profiles page on SkyPriate and the homepage on CamModelDirectory).

And they’re the very first thing any user sees when landing on these websites.

So, how do you get a Promoted Model spot and that level of exposure?

You bid for it.

There’s a simple bidding system on each of these cam sites that allows you to buy a “Promoted Model” slot. And draw lots of users to your Profile page.

Payout Percentage: How Much Will You Earn?

Your base earnings will be 75% on SkyPrivate and 80% on CamModelDirectory.

You can go all the way to… 86% if you opt for the referral and the EXTRA 6% options available there for boosting your earnings.

How Easy/Hard Is It to Register as a Model There?

The process is more than straightforward.

Once you hit the “CREATE Free Account”/”Create Account” on any of the 2 sites’ homepages, all there’s left for you to do is complete a few basic steps:

  1. Enter your email address and set a username
  2. Confirm your email address\
  3. Log into your newly created account and add your details there (personal identification number, ID type, address, etc.)
  4. Upload 4 photos of yourself to get yourself identified by the SkyPrivate team (it takes up to 24 hours max to get verified)
  5. Enter your Skype ID. And your Discord ID, too, if you wish to put on shows there, too
  6. Once your account is verified, go ahead and set up your Model Profile, making it as… mouth-watering as you like: write a juicy description, select the age, hair color, and SkyPrivate weight, and play with all the settings you have there

And this is WHY and HOW to use SkyPrivate or CamModeldirectory (or both) if you’re considering selling Skype/Discord shows.

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