Can I Make Money As A Non-Nude CamModel?

Is non-nude cammodeling really a thing? Is it possible to make money as a non-nude camgirl? These are questions I’ve seen asked numerous times over the years. And quite honestly up until very recently I would have answered, no it is not possible to launch a successful career as a non-nude camgirl in the adult industry. My theories were based on the absence of live streaming on mainstream platforms and the rare few non-nude models found at the top of most camsite webpages. But now in 2017, my outlook and opinions on the matter have shifted somewhat.

Non-Nude, SWF & Mainstream Cammodelsnon nude cammodel

Things are definitely shifting in the cammodel industry and aren’t as taboo as when many of us entered the business several years ago. With the current growth and popularity with multiple social media platforms, there’s more and more demand for live streaming options. So basically my response to the non-nude question is, Why do it on an adult website when you can go mainstream? I’m finding that it’s very possible to build up a brand with an adult audience and then point that momentum towards a more vanilla venture that will most likely have a greater reach. This is the path I would suggest to any cammodel wanting to perform and interact with a fanbase while fully clothed. In some ways being a non-nude cammer in the current climate of social media, may have an edge on those who perform live sex shows and only have explicit promotional materials. Not all social sites accept nudity and there’s a higher risk of having your accounts deleted.

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Facebook and Instagram are the most notorious sites known for sudden and unexplained deletions but they are also the fastest growing platforms. Both have live streaming options that can link a model to most any audience all around the world so long as it’s non-adult. Platforms like Snapchat are wonderful tools for camgirls and a great way to create a fanclub for mobile users, but it’s not for explicitly sexual use. Therefore it’s only a matter of time before you Snapchat becomes deleted even if it’s set to private and invite only. A non-nude cammer is less likely to be concerned with these issues because there aren’t any sex shows involved and consist mostly of creative mainstream fun.

The Mainstream Appeal For Non-Nude Camming

non nude mainstream cammodelsNow that more and more sites are offering live streaming that in many ways resemble the camsite model, such as Youtube’s Super Chat that gives the ability to earn money while live streaming, MyFreeCams is currently working on a non-nude camsite called Cammunity. Cammunity is currently in development and hasn’t even reached the beta stage as of yet, but according to some people it will be the first step towards mainstream ventures for adult camsite companies. And what this means for cammodels who love to entertain mass crowds but aren’t exactly comfortable with sexually explicit shows, this sort of thing could be a wonderful option for them. Mainly because Cammunity is set to be a completely non-nude, non-adult site that will be more along the lines of Youtube  Live, Periscope or Twitch. The demand for good and entertaining content is there and professional cammodels who may like the idea of putting their clothes back on to make some coin should definitely start paying attention to the changing times.

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