Good Faith Engagement and You: Using Subreddits for Promotion

Are you looking for ways to promote your clips and cam shows? Or are you seeking out new ideas for future content?

Models often focus on using social media such as X (formerly known as Twitter) to promote or hear from fans, but usually forget about other avenues for engagement.

Just as models perform a variety of shows or put content on a variety of platforms, models should diversify their advertising and research as well.

This is where subreddits come into play. 

Through natural, good-faith engagement, you can build a bigger customer base while building data on what that customer base looks for in their clips and content.

For those unfamiliar, subreddits are online communities and the posts contained within, on They are similar to independent forums, but you don’t need to create separate accounts for each one, sign up for and you can begin participating.

Members can post new threads and comment on those already posted, which can include photos or videos, to discuss the topic of each subreddit. Some may be broadly focused; others may be concerned with only a small niche topic.

Users create the communities, so there can be a lot of overlap. There are both subreddits moderated by models to vent or ask questions, and others that are made by guys to discuss their fetishes and share media. We’re focusing on the latter here.

To begin:

Next Steps:

After creating your account, you should look for subreddits relating to what you offer in your shows. For instance, if you are a BBW, you should focus first on communities based on that and the other fetishes you enjoy performing. Use the search on with keywords relating to what you offer or are interested in to find related posts and communities.

When you find a subreddit you wish to participate in, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the posted rules to avoid being banned from participating in that subreddit. The rules can often be posted in the sidebar, in an FAQ, or pinned topic.

Important note:

Many subreddits don’t allow outright promotion such as linking to or mentioning your camming/content profiles to avoid spam. In those communities, you need to be more subtle and under the radar. This is why earlier I mentioned using a name that is the same as your camming/content username.

Interested members will look you up to find you elsewhere when they want more of you.  They can also search your public post history on Reddit and find that information if you posted it in other subreddits where it is allowed.

The most important part in building up subtle promotion in those communities is just being a member participating in good faith posting. Before posting, it’s strongly encouraged to read through posts in any subreddit to get a feel for the culture and how it operates.

Engage with the subreddit and the members:

Join in to talk about the topics naturally based on what other members are discussing. Guys will be able to tell if you are trying to force the topic in a way that’s solely to drive attention to your profile.

Have fun and talk about the topic as if you weren’t a model but instead as if you have the fetish yourself or are interested in learning more.  

By participating as a member, you’ll get first-hand knowledge from the guys about what it is that arouses or appeals to them, which is invaluable information for future content ideas.

Maybe certain phrases really appeal to members of the community or scenarios that members are looking for that are in short supply. Treat it as a focus group that will help you gain a better knowledge of the fetish.

When starting your thread in a subreddit, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be self-confident if referring to yourself.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Be creative/don’t copy other popular post titles.
  • This is so important that I’m listing it again: be self-confident.

After speaking with members of those communities, one of the biggest pet peeves they have is self-deprecating post titles for obvious engagement bait.

If you post a picture of yourself in a big ass lovers community for example, and say, “Look at this amazing giant ass,” you’ll receive a better response than “Do you like my ass?” or “My ass could be bigger, what do you think?”

Negative thoughts and self-doubt are there for everyone, but you’ll have better luck if you can keep it in check. Members are there to have fun, not be therapists to the poster and their body issues. 

If you do post in a self-deprecating manner, you’ll get some white knights appearing to pay you compliments, but you’ll silently drive a ton of people away without knowing it.

Like yourself and your body and what you are offering to the subreddit communities, and they’ll return the sentiment. You’ll learn more about the kink/fetish at hand directly from interested kinksters and members will look for more of you in other avenues.

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