Are You Still Searching For An OnlyFans Alternative?

Are You Still Searching For An OnlyFans Alternative? If you’re a cammodel, adult content creator or a consumer of the aforementioned it’s possible your favorite platform is headed in a new direction. The OnlyFans platform came onto the scene back in 2016 as a virtual marketplace for content creators. Initially there wasn’t a definitive plan […]

How You Can Gain More Exposure On Streamate

streamate daily pay

Recently I spoke with a few cammodels on Streamate concerning the three usuals: cammodel placement, traffic and how to get more exposure. These are very commonly discussed areas no matter where you set up shop in camland, but in this particular case theres an unknown opportunity that seems to have evaded a large number of […]

Double Your Money With BoleynModels And Streamate!

streamate boleynmodels bonus

This week Cammodels can double their money with BoleynModels and Streamate! In addition to our weekly bonus top camsite, Streamate is having a November Bonus Event. Cammodels who live stream during the week of Nov 14-20 GMT for at least 25 hours will automatically qualify. Once the bonus event comes to an end Streamate will calculate all […]

Live Streaming With LoyalFans And ManyVids 2.0

Here in the Boleynmodels network we have a strong connection with all of the top camsites in the industry. In addition our daily pay network partners with several video clipsites geared towards adult content creators. Today we’d like to highlight two platforms that encompasses all of the above. If you’re looking for alternatives or a […]

Halloween Contest And Costume Ideas For Cammodels.

A new Halloween contest and costume ideas for cammodels starts this week on Streamate. This year on Streamate there will be two 48-hour contests.  That’s four days of dress up, cosplay, role-playing and teasing. The first part takes place on Oct 29-30 (GMT), and part two happens on Oct 31-Nov 1 (GMT). For each portion […]

5 Upgrades To Take Your Cammodel Business To The Next Level

5 Upgrades To Take Your Cammodel Business To The Next Level  It’s possible when first starting out as a cammodel to create a live stream with entry level technology. However as you grow more confident in your abilities it’s important to invest in your business. By pouring back into your business and surroundings this will […]

Cammodels And The Evolution Of Webcams

Nexigo Iris 4k ai remote control webcam gaming

Cammodels And The Evolution Of Webcams is all the proof I need to say that we are the original streamers. No other subset of streamers have contributed to webcam technology like cammodels. As a whole the webcam industry goes back over 25 years and got it’s first start in 1996 with Jennicam. She was the […]

Cammodels Get Started On StripChat For A Hybrid Experience

Another great camsite within the Boleynmodels Daily Pay program is none other than Stripchat. We’ve previously shared cammodel experiences on the StripChat platform and since then they’ve grown tremendously. One of the best things going for them is the many different ways that cammodels can utilize the site. Essentially StripChat is a hybrid camsite that enables […]

Summer Time Hustle Tips For Cammodels

TajaEthereal   Summer. It’s almost here and for many cammodels this tends to be the slowest time of the year. BUT it doesn’t have to be. There’s still plenty of time to prepare for the summer season and set yourself up so that you can maintain your income during the dreaded “Summer Drought”. Now please […]