Why Isn’t There Any Traffic In My Camroom?

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If this doesn’t sound familiar then you probably aren’t a cammodel. Time and time again I’ve read stories about dead chatrooms and a lack of traffic and models wondering where it all went? I myself have had days where it was so dead that I forgot that I was logged in. And as most cammers know sitting in a dead chatroom is the worst and only get’s worse as time goes on, because of a non-stop cycle of self doubt and boredom. This then leads to a drop in income because any camsite member watching your room will most likely become turned off and float off to a different room. Essentially you’ve just lost a fan before you’ve even said hello and now your room is dead again because you’re simply not getting the traffic that you think you deserve. Luckily there are ways to fix this.

What Is Traffic And Where Does It Come From?

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The number of visitors to a camsite broken down by how many of those visitors are unique visitors or returning members that filter into a cammodel’s chatroom is the short definition of traffic. The most important thing when it comes to traffic is understanding traffic sources and how the traffic was obtained in the first place. Now this next sentence may be a turn off for most cammers causing them to click away, but I promise if you really take the time to understand how traffic is generated then you’ll understand where I’m coming from. So here it goes, Affiliate Marketers can be a camgirl’s best friend. Find out who they are, play nice and then make money. Of course you can try to figure out the affiliate game all by yourself but in the meantime work on business to business communications that will increase your income. The divide between affiliates and cammodels is far too wide and I think that a great deal of this is due to a lack of communication and understanding.

Not all affiliates are ruthless promoters who steal cammodel content for their own gain. Quite often I’ve witnessed rants by cammodels who may have found a picture of themselves on a twitter page and immediately assumed that the image was stolen, but in fact it wasn’t. The truth is when you sign up to most camsites you are giving the site permission to use your images in their marketing campaigns including those created by affiliate marketers who sign up for the program. Some websites like Streamate will allow you to opt out of extended marketing efforts, but you will most likely see a decline of traffic in your chatroom. In most cases this is how traffic is generated, by online affiliates who understand the market and know where to find leads.

To learn more about strengthening the bonds between cammodels and adult marketers visit this article Cammodels VS Affiliates.

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