Camgirls And Social Media

Becoming a cammodel is more than performing live camshows on the internet and for many involves lots of self promotion. Most camsites will provide cammodels with a steady flow of traffic from all over the world and mostly this will keep a cammer very busy. Driving traffic to a camsite isn’t always easy and due to the large number of cammodel sign ups sometimes the traffic is spread then. This is why I always suggest to my fellow models that they should use some form of social media to increase exposure and build a brand.
As A Cammodel Which Social Media App Should I Use?
When I camgirl is first starting out and deciding for the first time to use social media for self promotion I always suggest that they pick one platform and study it to full capacity. I find that by learning each social media app one at a time is a lot better than attempting to conquer them all at once. Each platform has it’s own unique culture and some are more adult friendly than others. So as a Cammodel using social media it’s best to do your research before you start posting. And it’s always a good idea to choose one platform that isn’t just the most popular but one that suits your personality. If it’s a community that fits your own personal style of interaction then you have a greater chance of finding success through social media.

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Camgirls And Twitter
Currently Twitter has 328 million active users per month and allows members to post videos up to two minutes in length. This is perfect for cammodels who like to use teasers and introductory clips to enhance their brand. Also nudity is allowed on the platform and members can mostly get away with posting explicit content on Twitter. At least for now we can post naughty nudes to our accounts. It’s becoming more and more common for Twitter to “ghost” accounts that have been flagged as adult but this can definitely be avoided if you maintain a safe balance. Avoid using twitter programs designed to create automatic posting as your sole method of tweeting. It’s best to sprinkle in spontaneous tweets to promote engagement to appear as a real time user.

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Is Instagram The Right Choice?
Right now Instagram is my absolute favorite social media platform to use. Not only am I finding success with my adult industry ventures but mainstream as well. I’ve found that on this platform that has 700 million monthly users that being a sex worker doesn’t seem to prohibit interaction.

Sometimes on other platforms like Twitter or Facebook people are less likely to engage if you’ve identified yourself as a cammodel performer. But unlike Twitter, nudity is not allowed on Instagram and will lead to having your account permanently shut down. In fact not just nudity but sometimes even suggestive pics may land you in trouble. It’s best to keep your clothes on and your sex toys put away here.

Cammodels Using Tumblr
Lastly that Tumblr despite it’s changes in recent years is a fabulous method for cammodels who want to increase their exposure. This is especially true if you like to write or have any sort of artistic and creative flare. Tumblr seems to be where the creatives go and post and images on the platform are searchable on google. With 555 million monthly users it’s extremely possible to build a fanbase by using Tumblr. But just like any regular blog post cammodels will need to make sure that their page is optimized for search engine optimization. Luckily tags can be added to each post placed on your cammodel tumblr page and it’s possible to share your content on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. So even if you’ve chosen Tumblr over the others it’s very possible to still get your information out there.

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