Weird Sex Toys For Cammodels

By Taja Ethereal

camgirl taja ethereal


Long before I became a cammodel and in the adult entertainment industry I’d always pride myself on keeping up with the latest sex toys. My very first instrument of pleasure came in the form of a miniature vibe operated by a single double A Battery that truth be told once activated didn’t feel any more exhilarating than if it were ran by a watch battery. Full disclosure it was the infamous pocket Bullet designed to create clitoral stimulation and provide toe curling orgasms. Unfortunately once I arrived back at home from the most embarrassingly awkward Passion Party hosted by my best friends Mother, two very important things were missing from the equation. One of which was a toe curling orgasm and the second being my inability to find my own clitoris. I skipped right over that information way back when in Sex Ed. My memory is a bit hazy when it comes to that detail and it’s quite possible that it wasn’t covered at all.

Completely disappointed with my new sex toy, I decided to embark on my own adventure to an actual sex shop skipping the horrors of Passion Parties with older women who’d known me since pigtails. Once I came upon a local sex store I was able to look around and explore for myself what sort of toy was just right for me. It wasn’t long before I decided on something cute, long and pink. No it was not an actual penis, but a Rotating Rabbit Vibrator. According the extremely knowledgeable sales girl it was the most popular, the most cutting age vibrator of our time. And because of it’s rotating shaft plus vibrating ears designed for clitoral stimulation finding that elusive button of pleasure I most certainly would not be disappointed. I will refrain by leaving out the details of it’s first use, but I will say that it opened the gateway to learning more and more about sexual wellness as well as prepared me as I transitioned into a cammodel.

dragon dildo

Over the years as an online performer I’ve stocked up on numerous types of dildos and vibes as well as other sex toy items not meant for penetration. As I grew more experienced as a cammer and began to learn more about specific fetishes, I became familiar with nipple clamps, paddles, strap-on harnesses and even bondage. Over my ten years as a veteran I’ve encountered clients with fetishes that some would consider weird and even obscure. I’ve ordered miniature dildos to appease my fans from the realms of small penis humiliation and the giantess fetish. I thought I knew it all. However with the recent evolution of the sex industry combined with the tech world, there are new sex toys on the market that have totally blown my Rotating Rabbit Vibrator away completely. We are now in a time where the technology and skill set of sex toy designers have caught up to the imaginations of the most prolific fandoms to ever exist. Hentai erotica, alien eggs and demon dongs have taken over.

The Mother Ship Has Landed

I had thought I’d seen it all when it came to weird sex toys and things that were a tad offbeat but apparently I am still able to be surprised. Recently I stumbled upon an article on Vice exploring the fetish of laying alien eggs inside of yourself. I had previously read some information on Exophilia and the sexual desires of those who became sexually aroused by the idea of extraterrestrial, robotic, supernatural, and otherwise non-human entities. Until now I thought this was pure fiction and lived mainly in the depths of manga and Japanese hentai. To my surprise Exophilia or the desire to have sex with aliens has taken off with zero signs of returning.

The Ovipositor

In 2015 the Ovipositor Dildo was created by sex toy brand Primal Hardwere. It’s an alien inspired dildo made to resemble an alien penis that lays gelatin eggs in the body cavity of your choice. Exophilia fans  have said the sensation of “mushy extraterrestrial ovum slopping out of them is a real treat.” Below is a youtube video giving an example of the act of “splorching”. According to the creator of the Ovipositor the alien eggs are made of gelatin and dissolve fairly quickly due to high body temperatures. It’s extremely fascinating but I’m not sure if I’m ready to explore this fetish just yet.

Remember When Unicorns Were Mythical Creatures, Majestic And Rare?

Unicorn dildos are one of the fastest growing trend among sex toys especially among camgirls who perform live camshows on sites like Myfreecams and Chaturbate.

What Is A Unicorn Dildo?

unicorn dildo


According to Geeky Sex Toys the manufacture behind this imerging craze they are dildos in the shape of a Unicorn Horn. GST say’s that they were designed in cute and playful colors to reflect the legendary mystery surrounding Unicorns and to help users achieve magical orgasms. They come complete with a suction cup strong enough to to be mounted and assist with creating a fairy tale role play guaranteed to take you into a far away land.

Beauty And The Beast?

Unicorn Horns aren’t the only phallic symbols getting lots of action in camland!!! In addition to horns cammers are using dildos in the shape of dragon penises, fairy tale wolves and even more mythical creatures.

pornhub overwatch

It appears that this sexual creativity is heavily influenced by video game characters in games like Skyrim, Halo and Overwatch.  Earlier this year PornHub released it’s yearly insights for 2016 and the eleventh most searched for topic was Overwatch because of  a very popular character called Widowmaker. Some of the more expensive dragon dildos are even designed to squirt liquids that resemble orgasmic secretions. It’s all so mind boggling and truly is only just a small sliver of whats to come within the sex toy industry that I’m left wondering how much weirder can things get?

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