Twitch Streamers And Online Engagement

This week on the cammodel podcast Shit Guys Say To Camgirls is is motivated in part by Twitch streamers and online engagement. I’ve frequently had conversations on what makes a great cammodel and why engagement is so important. Recently a veteran in our industry recommended I listen to an episode of On The Media, a podcast from the NPR network. The episode in question aired on Aug. 17th and was called “Twitch And Shout” and it covered a similar theme, online engagement. I was so impressed with the content and how comparative Twitch streamers are to cammodels, that I decided to create my own episode.

Allow me to clarify my thoughts and to help you better understand what it is that Im rambling about. First of all I’ve been saying for years that cammodels and gamers have so much in common. But it wasn’t until recently that I truly realized that the similarities went beyond the equipment that we use. The cammodel technology needed to become a success story is typically the same stuff gamers use:

Many of us use high end cameras, that is if you’ve graduated to streaming with dslr’s and some use a standard Logitech Webcam. Those of us who are in it for the long haul have invested in computers with top notch processors that can handle multiple programs at once. Some of the top camsites practically demand a blood sacrifice, your left tit and practically all of your cpu usage. Thanks Streamate!!!

But beyond the cammodel technology and the similarities with gamers. There’s something else successful streamers have in common and thats the ability to connect with an audience. Its the engagement and being able to appeal to people irl. Having that certain appeal that makes people want to come back to your virtual neck of the woods over and over again, is the stuff that separates the pack. Originally the “Twitch And Shout” episode was recommended as required listening for cammodels, but after listening to it I’ve created my own version kind of as a outline. The Twitch Streamers vs Cammodel Steamers episode of the Shit Guys Say To Camgirls Podcast can be referenced as a reminder.

It can be for those just starting out or those who a refresher on how to connect with a virtual audience.
My other motivation for creating this episode stems from recent discussions on Femdom Cammodels vs GFE Camming, and if the two can exist in the same niche. The question is…can performers market themselves solely as a domme without providing some level of engagement that resembles a girl friend experience? Is it possible? I think it is.

The FUCK YOU PAY ME hustle only goes but so far and for other models looking for a way to break into that niche, it can be very misleading. When you listen to the podcast I will give examples of a concept known as “smoke and mirrors”, by discussing a famous twitch streamer named Dr. Disrespect. He’s known for characterizing himself as a person driven by extreme arrogance, narcissism and a complete disregard for other people. It turns out as in most cases there is far more to that story and a perfect example as to why it’s important to get to know one’s audience.

The same can be said for cammers who may model themselves after cruel dominas. Sometimes there’s more to the story so if you’re trying to emulate a persona that works for someone else and realize that its not quite working for you, it could be that you’re not seeing the entire story.

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We all come from different walks of life and when we go live we get to pull different aspects of our real lives and bring it to life while live on cam. I have a confession to make. So brace yourself… the persona I put on while streaming isn’t just some alter ego, it’s me pulling the greatest characteristics from various people throughout my life! Its not like my schtick is completely inauthentic. It’s just me putting on a performance that allows me to connect with viewers on a different level. After awhile I started to realize that my shyness irl went away and now I can approach anyone anywhere! It’s kinda weird, but channeling other people while streaming has helped with this tremendously.

There is of course a downside to being an online streamer. Whether it’s in the mainstream on Twitch or the adult industry on a site like Streamate. Sometimes people don’t realize that we’re real people with real feelings, and some become far too invested in who we are. I close out the podcast discussing this very issue and how it has effected one Twitch streamer named, VP Gloves. I don’t think there are too many cammodel streamers who won’t be able to relate to his story. Be sure to follow us on Soundcloud for new podcast updates and on Twitter @BoleynModels for daily cammodel tips and more.

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