The Rise Of The Cuckold

Another year has come and gone but thankfully we have sites like PornHub to give us low down on what 2017’s hottest trends were. Earlier this month Pornhub released it’s annual Year In Review where they reveal in depth porn statistics, that in some ways can double as a media map for what’s going on in the world at that time. Just over 24.7 billion searches were performed on Pornhub last year and that includes inquiries for: fidget spinners, Rick & Morty and Hentai, the pinnacle of porn for lots of token site bb’s. Some trends for 2017 stayed in the same spot as the year before like, milf and lesbian at number one. But one particular trend that I’m extremely happy to see increase by 72% was cuckold.

Cuckolding and fringe fetishes surrounding tales of female domination, cheating wives and demanding size queens have been a huge money maker for me over the years. The cuckold fetish isn’t new at all, but in recent years I’ve noticed a greater demand for such topics both on camsites and during phone sex calls.

cuckold definition

This translates into modern day erotica where a man becomes sexually aroused by the thought of his wife becoming intimate with another man. This is very much associated with other fetishes involving men who enjoy being humiliated at the hands of strong, dominant women. And in some cases the cuckold may enjoy fringe fetishes like SPH (Small Penis Humiliation). One doesn’t always lead to the other therefore it’s best to not assume and ask questions before delving into a hot role play. I’ve found that some men aren’t into the humiliation aspect of it but simply enjoys the the thought of watching their wives being pleased by someone else. Just this past week CNN featured an article on how Cuckolding Can Be Positive For Some Couples.

cuckold fetish popularityI’ve found that many of my own sessions with self proclaimed cuckolds most often lead to some sort of homosexual activity where they are encouraged to show sexual gratitude towards his cheating wife’s lover. And quite often that lover is almost always a well endowed black man. In cases where the role play doesn’t lead to a BBC, I am left genuinely surprised. Also on the rise on PornHub’s Year In Review was the search term “Ebony”, up two spots in the top 20 most searched for porn. I didn’t see any mention of interracial themes in their review, but just like the growth in cuckold request I’ve witnessed a surge for those sort of request appear over and over just as well. It’s a fascinating trend that I’ve personally watched evolve and grow tremendously. I suspect that these topics will no longer be considered taboo over time, but a regular part of mainstream culture as people grow more comfortable with open relationships. At that point I wonder what sort of things will I get paid to talk about if it’s no longer a dirty little secret?

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