The Practical Wishlist For Cammodels

By Katy Churchill

camgirl katy churchill

Halloween is over, Veteran’s Day has passed, and Black Friday looms on the horizon, which can mean only one thing: we’re about 2 weeks away from Christmas carols playing in stores. With the biggest gift-giving holiday just around the corner, Boleyn Models has put together a gift guide to make shopping for your favorite cammodel a breeze. Whether you’re a 20 token tipper, an occasional big spender, or a long-time regular, we have the perfect gift idea for your internet inamorata. No matter what your budget or the niche of your favorite digital coquette, with this gift guide in hand, your holiday shopping will be a breeze. And don’t forget a cammodel’s favorite gift of all: an offline tip or tribute on her favorite site!

$    For a stocking (or pantyhose!) stuffer

$$    For a big thank you booty shake

$$$    For a thank you card…and more

For the messy model

Baby wipes $

For the practical gift-giver, baby wipes are the perfect gift for your favorite cammodel. Used for everything from makeup removal to quick toy cleaning between shows, these multi-purpose wipes are a great stocking stuffer. Wipes that come with plastic lidded containers are a lifesaver when you need to keep wipes moist and fresh. Get her a multi-pack to help keep everything clean and bodily-fluid-free…for at least a few minutes!

Tech wipes $

Want to be a real baller? Throw a package of tech wipes (aka wireless wipes, screen wipes, etc) in with the baby wipes. Everything a camgirl touches while live (and even after streaming has ended) ends up with a thin film of lubricant and other excretions on it, and while baby wipes work to clean up most messes, nothing gets a phone screen clean like something made for the job. All those sexy selfies for Twitter and Snapchat can leave smears of something-or-other on your phone or tablet, and one quick wipe solves that! Not to mention the strange crust of…something…that gets on monitors, keyboard, mouse, and cables.

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For the insertion expert

Coconut oil $

It’s not just for the kitchen! Currently popular for hair and skin care, cammodels have long loved this natural oil for its lubricating properties. Edible and silicone-safe, you can pick up this gift at the grocery store without raising the suspicions of the cashier. Tuck a jar or two under the tree to keep things moving smoothly on cam well into the new year.

Wand Vibrator Attachment  $$

So she’s got one of those “neck massager” vibrators, but they don’t give quite the right experience for her viewers, even though she is (more than!) satisfied. Attachments convert those powerful vibrations into G-spot or rabbit-type dildos that will pack all the punch of those vibes with the insertable aspect that some guys just can’t get enough of.

For the set decorator

Fairy lights $$

No cam room is complete without this season’s hottest décor trend: fairy lights. Camgirls love to wrap them around headboards, swag them on the wall with hooks, or plug them in behind sheer curtains. Bored by basic white? Try colors like pink or blue, or color-changing LED light strings. For maximum flexibility in décor use, choose battery-powered lights. Include some AA batteries in the package and you’ve got a great gift for the girl with the picture-perfect cam setup!

Headboard Decal  $$

She may not have the fanciest cam set-up, but with these peel-and-stick decals, no one needs to know! A plush upholstered headboard? No problem! For far less than the real deal (and with no cost-cutting DIY skills needed), give her the illusion of fancy-pants furniture. A fantasy girl with a fantasy backdrop…what could be better? The only downside is that she can’t actually drape her fairy lights over this headboard, but she’ll get over it..

For the facially focused

SPUNK Lube Hybrid  $$

Let her retire her well-used fake ejaculate recipe by wrapping up a bottle of SPUNK lube. It’s perfect for those live shows and videos that need that money shot to take them to the next level. When she needs that perfect creamy finish, make sure it’s your Christmas gift she’s reaching for…and perhaps even you she’s thinking of  when it cums! Pair it with a squirting dildo  for a truly special gift.

Sephora gift card $-$$$

Spoiler alert: she didn’t wake up like that. HD webcams show all of the good bits in lush technicolor detail, but any tiny flaws are picked up, too. Makeup can be expensive, and when you wear it all the time, you want the good stuff. Give her the good stuff with a gift card to a place like Sephora, where she can pick her next blow job appropriate lipstick and mascara that won’t run when she gets sweaty as anything in an energetic private session!

For the token site superstar

Vibrator from Lovense  or OhMiBod $$$

Tipping-based sites are a high-energy hustle, but your social butterfly cammodel never seems to tire when she has a countdown running! Give her a hand in the hustle by giving her a tipping incentive: sound and app-controlled toys. With the ability to auction off control of her pleasure to the highest tipper, tokens will be raining down on your favorite fantasy friend. Take her to the top row of the site with a thoughtful gift and watch the thanks you get in return!

BONUS: For the camboys

Underwear subscription  $$$

Prefer interactive attention of the male variety? Help him upgrade his wardrobe! Too many camboys wear basic tighty whiteys or black boxers that don’t show up well on cam. Give him the gift of standing out from the crowd with an underwear subscription box. Available in a variety of cuts and a rainbow of colors and patterns, MeUndies makes comfortable underpants that both look and feel great, letting him focus more on the, ahem, task in hand.

For more cammodel information on how to prepare for this Holiday Season please visit our article on How To Make Holiday Money For Cammodels.


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