The Major Keys To Webcammodeling

By Kari Anthony

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There are major key essentials that every webcammodel in the adult industry should know.

Own your decision to create an online cammodeling business. Be 100% sure this is what you want to do. General life rule: Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t be OK with your family finding out about. This also includes your future-in-laws, teachers at the PTA meetings etc. In other words, What you put on the internet  is Permanent: There’s a great chance that the people in your lives WILL find out, and it can have an impact on your future relationships and careers. Having a stage name will not shield you from discovery. I’ve yet to meet a single adult performer who managed to keep their career secret. Do not work online as a webcammodel  if you’re not OK with being exposed. Because you will meet people who simply will not agree with your new lifestyle. Be open and honest with your self before you make your descion to become an adult performer.


Find out what the local laws are in regards to sexworkers in your  area. Learn what is legal and also what is  illegal in your area. The worst thing you can do is establish a successful business, and have it attacked with legal allegations and problems. In some states, webcamming requires a permit. It may not be necessary to contact an attorney, but definitely do your research!


Be prepared to invest in your business. No one will invest in you or your product if you do not invest in yourself. Not only do you have to consider the basics of your business essentials, but also your marketing and overhead that come with running your own adult business. Invest wisely. Try not to go overboard by getting everything at once. Get the basics and build from there. Budget, plan and execute with realistic goals in mind.


cammodel branding

Your name is everything. Choose your name wisely. The worst thing you can do is name change. You establish your brand and your clients based on your name. Create something catchy, memorable and definitive of what you sell. Google your choices to see if anyone has the name already, and to see what other things pop up when you search it. Your name is your MOST important SEO tool. For instance, many ask why I spell my name Platinum PuZZy. I chose the zz’s for many reasons.

When you google PUSSY you get millions of pages of content. It would take me 100 years to get the kind of google ratings to reach any page within 1000. Therefore, I had to come up with a creative way to divert the search directly to me.I shoot urban porn and at the time there was a famous rapper who put zz’s in words to make them unique. I captalized off his trend and it stuck.

It’s unique and doesn’t tell you what to expect. I am plus sized, but I didn’t want a name that said “Fat porn star.” That way when people find me they might be pleasantly surprised that I am larger framed but may still find interest in my bold personality for using such a name or might even find me attractive even if they’ve never found bigger girls to be. Not ALL will feel the same but ultimately I took the illusion and ran with it.


cammodels use instagram

Create profiles and social media with your name EVERYWHERE. The best way to get noticed and to insure no one else uses your name on social media or other sites is to register it first. Create a catchy profile that intrigues any onlookers to search you and find you if you are unable to put your domains or information on where to find you. Even old profiles can send you new traffic from websites you least expect.



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Be unique and find your niche. What works for others may not work for you. Find what sets you apart from everyone else. Capitalize on your genuine interests. Comic books, video games, cosplay, role play, bondage or whatever you might be into, MAKE IT YOUR NICHE. Find what it is about you that is different from the rest. Use your confidence to entice fans and draw them to you. Use your “assets” to market yourself. If you have tattoos, a huge butt, perky boobs or maybe you have gorgeous lips. Whatever it is that YOU feel is your most attractive feature, USE IT.


This is not immediate fame or fortune. Every webcam performer will say that it takes time to establish yourself and find your niche. You must create a schedule before you obtain a dedicated fan base. If you are expecting to get rich fast, this is not the business for you. This is not a business for poor work ethics or a lack of ambition to succeed.


majorkey to success

Handle the business first. Start by registering your company name, obtaining a tax id number, opening a business checking account and laying down the foundation of your essential business components. All money you generate from your adult work should be deposited into your business account for IRS purposes as well as establishing the worth of your business.

Buy your domains. Get the .com, .net, .xxx and other extensions of your name purchased. Regardless if you have a website or not, you won’t want someone to capitalize on your branding efforts by simply buying the name. You can forward the domain to any profile or website you want and start building traffic for it until you decide what you are going to do with it. The great thing about this is, if you do open a website they traffic will have already been developed.

You may even want to open up a business PO BOX. This comes in handy for setting up wishlist. Having gifts arrive at your address can be dangerous. Therefore getting a business PO BOX will be essential in protecting your privacy.  Also you can list your PO BOX for domain records, and other publicly viewed addresses. You can obtain one at a UPS Store or something similar that gives you a physical address with a box number. In some states you can use this address on your government issued identification.

Be diligent with model Release forms and IDs. In ALL aspects of the adult business, both webcam AND content production, model release forms and valid photo id’s for your costars are MANDATORY and should be common practice to have taken care of BEFORE you perform or shoot with someone.



file taxes with the IRS. Don’t get caught earning money that you aren’t filing with Uncle Sam simplybecause you think adult work is safe. You don’t have to necessarily hire an accountant, but definitely take the time to research what items can be written off as business expenses and keep receipts for everything. Travel, home office expenses, costumes, beauty supplies, etc can be expenses as part of the necessities to run your business.




cammodel technology

Having the right Equipment. This is in no way referring to what’s between your legs but literally the equipment you need to be successful. If you are producing content, you will want to research quality camera equipment, lighting, accessories and computer editing software. Don’t go buy the most expensive thing you can find thinking that will be the best for what you are doing. If you are going to be a webcam performer or already are, your laptop, webcam, lighting and webcam space are the most important components of your physical business. Research, check reviews and ask professionals what they are using. Become active on boards like Stripper Web and other related sites that help you sort through normal webcam performer issues. Go to other cam girls rooms and watch the top performers. BUY A SHOW! See what sets them aside from the thousands of other performers online and makes them a top performer.

Gadgets & Technology For Cammodels 

Invest in proper content Storage. Back up your cammodel footage you wanna get into making fetish clips. Many people who are webcam performers participate in custom videos and video sales as well. You’ll need an external hard drive to back up footage that you create. It is also key in storing files so that you have as much open space on your computer/laptop as possible to run webcam apps, hd encoders and the webcam itself.

It sounds like a lot…because it is. But if you are diligent and focused on becoming a successful webcammodel, these steps become more intuitive over time. And lastly don’t forget to have fun





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