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Hello Ladies and Gentlebb’s!

‘Tis the season to have lots to talk about!  Without further ado…

2017 Holiday Schedule –  The following days will be “weekend schedule” days.

  • November 23rd (U.S. Thanksgiving Day)
There will be NO PAYMENTS made on the following days – please plan accordingly:
  • December 25th (Christmas Day)
  • January 1st (New Year’s Day)
Finally, support may be slow between 25 November and 3 December – it will just be Rae for that week.
new boleynmodels

New BoleynModels Website – In case anyone missed it, we’ve completely updated our website to a new look.  The blog is still up and running and we’re still seeking paid contributors willing to share their knowledge.   Most importantly, the new Payment Gateway is 90% feature complete.  You can now:

  1. See daily your credits from each website.
  2. See daily your payment made and how much.
  3. Change your payment method as you wish, to take effect on the next payment time.
  4. Sign up for new websites after uploading your ID info (2257 form).
  5. Print out pay stubs reflecting your earnings.
  6. See which websites linked to your BoleynModels account have made money, and by what percentage.
  7. See your affiliate/recruiter income as it comes in.  Additional affiliate tools forthcoming.
  8. (Coming January) A robust advance and loan center for a variety of needs.

Affiliates and Recruiters – Update your link if you have not done so already!  We built a brand new system from scratch and are no longer using the weak WP plugin.  Our current top priority is campaign tracking, and this should be up shortly.Winter is coming! – We’re now in the slow snowball into the holiday season.  Historically this peaks around January 15th and then dips until another earnings bump around April (“Spring Fever”).  If you never cammed for the entire year, now is the time to get serious about your hours.  The money is there, being up 20% last week across the board.  This should hit 50-60% over the yearly average by the New Year.  Its done this every year since we started keeping stats and we have no reason to think this year will be different.

No Advances (Temporarily) – To meet the demand for the increased seasonal earnings level and the bonuses and prizes for the Christmas contest(s), advances will be suspended until early January starting today. (U.S. Models) – If you don’t have health insurance, you’re likely eligible for free for very low-cost coverage through the “Obamacare” system.  We had 2 very bad incidents last year where a model became hopelessly in debt and beyond anyone’s help because they didn’t think a healthcare emergency could happen to them.  One car accident or overdose of a family member could set you back $30,000 or more.  Enrollment ends December 15th.  We are standing by to assist you if you need any info regarding your income when filling out the forms.

Changes to Streamate Bonuses – Streamate recently started video sales on their site.  However, the way they do this isn’t currently compatible with the way we calculate your income when paying you.  .cammodels income is also the same way.

streamate video sales

How it will work going forward:  Starting now, you will receive the full 50% from video sales and the full 20%/40% from your .cammodels income.  Most of it will be paid daily, and then the commission taken from it will be refunded at the end of each week.  However, since we are separating out this income, it no longer counts towards your weekly bonus with us.  For a day to count as “worked” under our bonus program, you must have some minutes on the board now.

MOAR SITES! – We have added recently several other sites besides the one below, including

  • StripChat (Newest token-based site for splitting)
  • Xmodels (Strong European market presence)
  • NexoCams (Clips4Sale’s Live Cams and social club option)
November is Recruiting Month – Until December 31st, any new models that sign through your link are automatically at the 30% commission revshare for their time with BoleynModels.  Further, as a holiday bonus, if your referral earns at least $100 by December 31st, you will each receive a $25 cash bonus.  We will calculate this bonus automatically around January 1st, but you are free to request it before then.

boleynmodels recruiter contest

To maximize their income, we highly recommend a combination of Streamate and CammodelDirectory + SkyPrivate to start, or a combination of token sites such as Chaturbate, BongaCams, MyFreeCams, Cam4, and StripChat if their hardware can’t handle encoders.

W-9 (U.S. Models and Taxpayers) – Make sure your W-9 is current and accurate.  If your SSN is wrong, let us know.  The IRS does not play and we received several inquiries last year for models with wrong, missing, or fraudulent SSN’s.  We will be turning on the switch to make this a requirement to get paid soon, so please have it filled out to avoid missing a payment.

 Holiday Contest – We are giving away quite a bit this year in cash and prizes for this holiday contest.  Admittedly we didn’t do as much throughout the year as we wanted, but we’re going to make up for it now 😊  We’ve already got $1000 worth of Lovense toys on the way to the office for distribution, and Taja is working to get some other cool swag put together. Stay tuned for further announcements as December draws near.

Happy Holidays from the BoleynModels Team!    More to come!

XOXO Katy, Rae, Will, Taja, Spaz, and Maria

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