#ShitGuysSayToCamgirls Ep. 11: Streamate Contest, Setting Rates & Cammodels Over 40

This weeks Episode of the Cammodel Podcast #ShitGuysSayTocamgirls features the wonderful DylanAces of Streamate! Having her on the podcast was an absolute treasure. Dylan is a top model on Streamate and she was generous enough share her own personal cammodel tips on how she became so successful on the platform.

We revisit one of my favorite topics, weird and obscure fetishes continued from Episode 2 Weird Fetishes With Kendi Cumming and in usual podcast form the conversation ventured off into other areas as well. One of the topics we talked about was the importance of setting your rates and then sticking to them without feeling pressured into lowering them because of the #ShitGuysSayToCamgirls. This is probably one of the bigger issues that cammodels face and is often talked about. What should I charge? Am I charging enough and how should I deal with the constant nagging from camsite members who try to guilt me into lowering my rates? I recently had an exchange with DylanAces about this very issue on choosing price points for camshows as well as other content like clip making. I’ve had a camgirl crush on her for quite some time now, but it was this interaction that made me want to invite her on the podcast.

Also she talks about her experience of getting into the cammodel business at the age of 40 and how her age has been a benefit despite what some may think. She’s proof that you really can become a cammodel at any age and become a complete success while doing it. It’s a really fun episode and has something for everyone to enjoy.



If you’d like to learn more about Dylan you can follow her here on Twitter and also on her personal website here found Here.

For more information on becoming a cammodel or if you’d like more transferring Streamate account to our daily pay program please visit our article on the process of Transferring To Streamate.

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