Streamate Tips On How To Use The Three Steaming Options.

If you’re a Streamatemodel you may be struggling to figure out which streaming interface to use. If so be sure to checkout Vanessa from Streamate‘s Cammodel Recruiting team and 5 minute video. She talks indepth how and why it’s important to take your time when trying out each interface before deciding which is most suited for your Camming needs. Vanessa also clears up some confusion regarding the use of encoders like OBS. There has been some confusion on whether or not external encoders are still recommended.

Why Has Streamate Created The SMConnect?

Adobe flash is dead

For several years now Adobe has created several discussions on when they should officially kill off Flash. Many web browsers and streaming platforms have already made the proper adjustments for advancements with HTML5 in a post Flash era. Streamate a popular network partner within the Boleyn Models daily pay program has decided to join the club with the introduction of the SMConnect.

Streamate SMConnect Tips

As we’ve previously have reported here on the BoleynModels blog, SMConnect is one of three streaming options for models on the Streamate platform. The other two are a mobile option provided by the Neon App. And the third option is the SMBroadcast. To further clear up the confusion surrounding streaming options, the SMConnect and the SMBroadcast should NOT be used simultaneously. It’s been discovered that using both streamers at the same time is leading cause for disconnections. This is why it’s so important that webcammodels pay close attention to the video below.

Ultimately the SMConnect will be the primary and the most recommended choice for streaming. The slow launch is most likely done in order to test the newer features piece by piece to ensure their tech team is on the right track. If you’re a Boleynmodel still running into issues while live on cam, you can contact us on Skype for tech support. We will be more than willing to help you stream effectively.

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