Should Cammodels Use Facebook?

Most applications including Facebook have a search option using your email address. You can access your privacy setting and turn the ability to be found via your email address off apps like Facebook,Tumblr and Twitter. However this does not protect you from being found via a google search with your email address if you post it online. A great number of cammodels have personal webpages and blogs used to advertise themselves. Often times you will see an email address added as a form of contact. Do not use the same email that you use for friends and family that you would use for your sexy online profiles. thing to avoid when you sign up for sites like Twitter and Instagram on your desktop is giving the app your phone number.
The most popular social media app of them all is Facebook. This platform receives over one and a half billion hits per month. It’s very tempting to you but I recommend that cammodels not use Facebook on their smartphones at all. Don’t download the app or use a link to visit the site while using your mobile device. In fact I go as far as to use separate browsers when visiting Facebook on my desktop. I use one browser for interacting with family and friends and a second and third browser for all other cammodel activities. This way I can maintain that the data also known as cookies are not shared from browser to browser. What happens in Firefox stays in Firefox.

facebook for cammodels
Since using Facebook for adult marketing I’ve found that the only true benefit to having a business page is so I can receive stats on my Instagram account. You would need to link the two accounts in order to unlock some features like daily insights. Instagram also has who to follow suggestion tab that will suggest you follow people or groups from your mainstream life. One more reason to not use Facebook on your phone. Also Instagram and many other social media apps will ask permission to link to your phone contacts and find Facebook friends. Usually during the initial sign up is when apps ask for certain permissions. Placing a phone number on your account is one of them. The most common type of permissions that apps ask for involve giving the app access to a smartphone’s Internet connectivity and full network access.In order to find out what privacy rights you are giving up or what sort of data you are sharing you can access your app settings. Here is where you can turn off individual permissions per application.

Although Facebook gets billions of traffic per month I would definitely recommend that all adult performers think and research the platform before signing up. I’d suggest using it for creating a facebook group instead of a business page. Unless your primary use for having the Facebook business page is to gain insight on your Instagram account. Otherwise it’s very important that you understand that it may only be a matter of time before Facebook introduces your incognito self to your mainstream life.

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