Are Sexworkers Going To Twitter Jail?

In today’s episode of #camgirlproblems it appears that once again, Twitter is rounding up Sexworkers and throwing them into Twitter Jail. In the last three hours I’ve encountered five different cammodels who’ve had their accounts temporarily restricted. But in all fairness I’m not 100% sure this latest sweep is specifically targeting adult performers. After doing a Twitter search for the words “Twitter Jail”, I came across numerous accounts claiming they also had been restricted. It appears that many of those accounts are frequently engaging in political discourse as shown in the example down below.

twitter jail




What Is Twitter Jail?

Twitter Jail is a term used to describe Twitter’s decision to place restrictions on accounts they believe are violating the rules. When this occurs you can expect to have limitations that won’t allow you to send tweets, direct messages and your followers will show as 0. However this is only temporary. Twitter says the intended purpose behind these measures is to reduce the amount of spam found on the site, because apparently spam causes an increase error pages.

On a surface level this makes perfect sense until I took a closer look at the Cammodels who were thrown into Twitter Jail. Three out of the five cammers were NOT spammers! They each have a high level of engagement showing off their interest outside of the Sexworker industry. But because of a few sexy hashtags and an occasional link to an adult website they were temporarily restricted. When I went to check on one of my cambuddies via Twitter this is what I found:


Sexworkers Twitter Jail

At least in this instance I was able to find their account…this time. But what happens next? Will those who’ve been thrown into Twitter Jail become shadow banned once the restrictions are lifted?

Because this isn’t just happening to adult performers but is occurring with political tweets as well, I believe this may be a repeat of what happened two years ago when Twitter Began To Crack Down On Automation.  Checkout this excerpt from the article written here on the BoleynModels Blog two years ago:


twitter bans automation


I personally am not ready to abandon Twitter all together for my advertising needs. But due to recent events and occurrences on the platform it has made me re-think the way I use the platform. I no longer use Twitter to promote via x-rated pics and hashtags. I will however utilize certain features that may or may not have a visual image showing the name of my cammodel website and skype handle. 😉 I use it to post random thoughts including art, music and gaming. I’ve found that engaging underneath a popular mainstream twitter thread is enough to gain interest. For now this is the method I will use until further notice because I don’t want to be shadow banned or thrown into Twitter Jail.

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