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In a previous article I discussed how Cammodels can spot the signs of a manipulative customer and what happens when a regular becomes a freeloader. It happens quite often and can become mentally draining for cammodels who were blind sided by the change in demeanor and may not yet know how to conserve their energy. And the truth is not every paying customer has great intentions your interest in mind. We’re talking about online businesses dealing with people from all over the world different backgrounds, so of course you will run into schemers and time wasters from time to time. What you see online in Camland is just a mere representation of what you find out in the real world. And just because you don’t have to see the person who’s attempting to manipulate you doesn’t make it any less taxing. Therefore I find it extremely important to know the signs and to have a plan of action on what to do when these characters show up.

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Now if you’ve read the previous article you may now have a pretty good idea of what it’s like when a paying customer or a regular begins to what some may consider clingy and predatory tactics to hold your attention. Experiences may vary from model to model and not every online performer may feel as though these guys are being methodical and up to no good, but for the seasoned cammers and those still wet behind the ears who still wonder what should I do? This article is for you.

  • Scenario No. 1 When a regular who use to buy shows on a regular basis hence the reason he’s a regular stops paying but still insist upon getting your time for free, it’s time to set some ground rules. It’s not exactly fair to assume that because he hasn’t bought a show in awhile that he has now become useless. It’s quite possible that he’s fallen on some financial hardships and may need to cut back on his spending. This in no way shape or form is this your fault. This is his issue not yours. BUT if he arrives and tries to get a free show this is where you may want to consider the circumstances when deciding how to respond. You can either give him a gentle rejection or ignore him all together.

One person I spoke to says that they ban regulars wanting freebies because they are no longer useful. I’m open to differences of opinions but I would definitely say that this isn’t the way to go. Remember this is a regular. Someone who spent money on a regular basis. If you shame them or insult them by making them feel inadequate they will no longer think of you when they get a boner and a paycheck. We’re cammodels and we love boners with paychecks. My personal preference is to let them down gently with a sexy reminder that I enjoy men who love to spoil me and take care of my needs and that he should show me how much he cares by at least purchasing one of my pre-made videos. That should hold him over until while he works on his finances. And remember his finances are not your problem so don’t allow them to make you feel guilty about not providing freebies.

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  • Scenario No. 2 What should I do if I find myself feeling bad for my lonely customer who seems like a really nice guy but he’s not exactly my type….but he is really funny and I love the way he waits for me between private shows, like he’s kinda like a puppy in that way. Also we both have so much in common and it’s not that big a deal that he no longer spends in my room. After all it’s not all about the money because I just love the conversation, but now he keeps pressuring me to give him my real name and my home address and I’m not sure if that’s a great idea or not? Hmmm should I meet this guy in person? Not a direct quote. But more of a conglomerate of  quotes I’ve heard over the years. 🙂

ABSOLUTELY NOT! This person is not a customer. They have to spend money to get the title of a customer and this guy is far from a regular. He is a regular time waster who doesn’t understand or cares enough to realize that he is on a pay to play camsite designed for virtual services. I think it’s great to want to connect with your fanbase but it’s extremely important to put up boundaries with set rules that you can stick to and fans should respect. A member insisting upon meeting you and wanting to know your real name is a potential predator who may use that information in the most vindictive way if you don’t give them what they want.

In all my years as an online performer I would have to say that these are the guys who should be blocked and ignored. What we do online as cammodels and content creators can range from providing a girlfriend experience to being a sadistic domme. All roles in between are completely valid but if you don’t learn how to protect and conserve your energy you will burnout fast and or find yourself in a precarious situation that could have been avoided if you recognized the signs. Let’s all be safe out there and try to have as much fun as possible while gobbling up these paychecks. Ta Ta for now Camland!

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