Maximum Privacy

The BoleynModels Network has several precautionary measures in place that will help ensure your privacy and cover your work as a cammodel in the “adult industry.”

  • We allow models full control of their site accounts.  This allows you to freely make use of any site privacy features even if it impacts your traffic.  Use of Geo-Blocking is a strong helper for your privacy.
  • For our own marketing, it is strictly on an “opt-in” basis when you sign up.
  • BoleynModels Network makes no claims on your image, name, or content except to protect it against unauthorized use by 3rd-parties.  In good faith we will remove any content containing these things at any time at your request if you change your mind about marketing opt-in.
  • All payments, official correspondence, and tax paperwork contain our very generic sounding name.  We are registered with the IRS as a web marketing business type.  This could also cover things like affiliate marketing, webmastering, content creation, design, or HITS (human intelligence tasking).
  • We maintain a separate website for this purpose as well.
  • We have strict compliance with tax laws, accounting laws, and 2257 compliance for all members.  Legal trouble will never be an issue working with us.

Generally speaking, the fact that you’ve done adult work will not come up for anything less than a government security clearance unless you volunteer that information.  As for your friends and family finding you, we do our best but being on the internet is what it is.

You can take these additional precautions:

  • Never mix your work and personal life on your computer.  Maintain an entirely separate user account on Windows for your camming.
  • Never use photos on a personal profile (such as Facebook) that you use on your camming promotion (such as Twitter or site profile pictures).  In fact, do not even use pictures from the same set.
  • Never use PayPal with clients.  Your name and address are revealed if they do enough digging.
  • Never use your real name or address when interacting with clients in any way, or give them your personal contact information.
  • Keep a close eye on your social networking sites, as Microsoft and Apple both like to “cross-reference” your contacts.
  • If you’re truly paranoid about family, out yourself first before you’re caught.  This lets you explain things on your own terms.

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