Photography & Lighting Tips For Cammodels

As a Webcam Model using photography will be an important part of your business. When going about acquiring images for your business there are many things to consider. Some of us are the type that prefer a DYI approach, some who would rather pay to have the images done by a photographer, and then those like myself that like to use a combination of DYI and a professional photographer. For those who want to do it yourself there a few ways that you can go about it. You can do this with your webcam, your phone or you may choose to purchase a good point and shoot camera, either way you can make some sexy breath taking images for your media use.

I am both a Professional Photographer and a Webcam Model, and understand how daunting it can feel when you first start out, needing the right images for your portfolio. No matter what you use to shoot your photos with, first you need to think about what you want to convey in your photos, something I like to call “setting the theme”. The easiest for me was to spend about thirty minutes prior to signing into my chat room taking photos using my webcam. I did this before my shift because my hair, makeup, and outfits were all done and fresh as was my attitude. I use a very sturdy tripod for my webcam, which allows me mobility on how and where to position my webcam. From that point I go to quick capture and choose the photo setting. Next I take a test photo without me in it and look at the photo for any adjustments that need to be made.

What Is A Three Point Lighting System?

What you will want to look for are things in the background as well as your lighting. If you choose to use an overhead light it will be worth it to purchase a pink light, as it has a softening effect and can help with imperfections in the skin (which will cut down on your editing time). Whenever possible I like to use natural lighting for not only myself, but for my Boudoir & Model photo shoots as well. I use a three point lighting system a standard set up for professional photoshoots as well as streaming live on camsites. Typically models can use umbrella lights and box lighting that can come on a stand with with 4K bulbs or if you can’t swing for this setup right away try a five bulb floor lamp with daylight bulbs. Basically if you’re not able to stream or record in 4K (Also known as Ultra HD) there are little tricks that can be used to mimic this effect.

4k lighting

(well worth the money and you can find them on amazon). However it’s possible to achieve the perfect three point lighting system with less expensive lights. I use one behind me for a back light and two behind my camera or webcam as a Key Light and a Fill light to complete my three point lighting.

Who Are You And What Do You Want Your Photos To Say?

In regards to posing you must think about what you want the photos to say. If you need posing ideas, a great source for that is Pinterest. As a photographer, I always have my clients share boudoir ideas from Pinterest so I know what they are looking for. You can use this to your benefit. Always remember to have fun, trust me it will show in your photos! Once you have taken several photos you can then upload them to an editing program. I personally like to use PicMonkey, it cost under $40.00 per year but it is easy to use, offers tutorials, you can get very creative and they also have an app for your phone. When I get the photo just how I like it I then save a copy to my computer without my watermark on it, this is for the box sites that do not allow watermarked or copywriter photos. I then add my watermark to the photo by selecting text to get the copywrite symbol simply hold down the alt button on your keyboard while hitting the numbers 0 1 6 9 and the symbol will appear then type in your name. From there you will select to save a copy of this photo, these are to use for your social media and any Indy work you do. The watermark, or copywrite protects your photo as yours so that others may not use it without your consent. These steps are the same to use with a camera.


If you think of purchasing a camera and in the beginning it’s best that you don’t think of it as a photographer would.  I personally recommend the Nikon Coolpix A10(also found on amazon with a kit). Do keep in mind that while editing your photos that for every hour of photos taken, you can have up to five hours of editing. It’s for that reason you may choose to find a professional photographer, and as a model that can be very tricky.

How To Choose A Safe And Trustworthy Photographer..

When looking for a photographer, if one is not recommended to you there are a few places to look. One is a site called Model Mayhem, also you can look for photography groups on Facebook in your area. Some photographers (epically one just starting out) may offer to do a TF shoot, which means it is a trade for, you model they get to use the photos in their portfolio and you also get copies of photos. The good thing about this, is that it will not cost you any money, but you also run the risk of not getting quality work for your time spent. No matter if you pay a photographer or do a trade for shoot you will want to be sure to get things in writing.

Also, you will want to be very clear where you will allow them to use your photos because you do not want them uploading them to pay sites and collecting on your Webcam persona. It is standard for the photographer to have you sign a model release form, again take the time to read it. In addition, some photographers will not allow a chaperone to go with you to the shoot, for this reason, and for your own safety, I would highly recommend that you do not use them. Just be sure that the person you choose to go with you will be okay with the type of photos you are having taken, No jealous boyfriends or husbands. For your photo shoot, it is customary for the photographer to allow you several outfit changes, be sure to be on time for your shoot.

Should Cammodels Use Professional Photographs? 

When it comes to the hair and makeup you will want to predetermine with the photographer if that is included in your cost, or if you need to come ready to shoot. Who knows you may find that you like this sort of modeling and may decide to add to your income by modeling as well as Webcam modeling. When I started out I was on both sides of the camera, I loved modeling and felt it helped me to become a better photographer. I also love to mentor, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact me I will gladly help a fellow Webcam Model! You can Email: or follow me on  Twitter 

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