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Our Payment Information Gateway also known as The P.I.G,  is nearing it’s final “feature completion” stage with just a few small things left to add.  After this, we’ll be putting our development resources towards new, exciting, and top “secret” ventures.

One of the last features to go into the P.I.G, is our new Pay Advance system.  Since the beginning Pay Advances have been a key feature of our daily pay program and it has allowed us some flexibility to help people in a bind. And at times the system may have seemed a bit cold because the advances were based on hard, merit-based calculations.  This was a very big source of emotional criticism where models didn’t know where they stood unless they asked and risked rejection.  Nobody likes that – on either side of the Skype conversation.  So with further ado, here’s how it will work going further.

boleynmodels pay advance

As before, a payroll advances are zero interest and there are no direct financial penalties for late repayment.  You essentially have an internal credit rating with us.  Advances are a payment against your immediate future earnings.  There is also a max amount based on your average weekly debt-income ratio, as well as a hard cap.


  • You can access your advance interface on your BoleynModels Payment Gateway under “Advances”.
  • Your max amount is based on the lower of your long-term weekly average or your short-term weekly average.
  • There is also a “hard cap” starting at $500 and going to $1000 for US models and $100 to $200 for non-US models.  This is the absolute most you can take as an advance.  This hard-cap can be lowered from time to time temporarily as our cash reserves permit.
  • Your advance is paid alongside your earnings that day.  Your recorded earnings starting from the next day will first go towards paying your advance.  We make final approval and review right before payout time.
  • Generally the only reason for being rejected is if we find a bug in the calculations or our reserves are extremely short.  You will receive a rejection reason and chance to resubmit.  We approve 98% of all applications that come through as they are already pre-screened by our criteria.
  • Every 3 full days you have no earnings towards the advance, your credit rating is lowered by one step.  There are 4 steps in total, taking 25% each time from your max amount in the future.  THIS IS PERMANENT.  You can severely reduce or entirely lose your advance privileges permanently if you fail to make any progress towards repayment.
  • Any earnings at all will reset the 3 day timer, even a single cashed-out token.  In theory you could take 2 years to pay back $500 making $1 every few days and incur no penalties.
  • If you repay an advance in full in 7 days time, you will gain positive credit privileges. This means a permanent 10% boost to future borrowing and a raise to your “hard cap” of 20% each time.  This has 5 steps.
  • You can also instantly achieve “max risk” permanent loss of credit if we see PayPal or other non-adult processors anywhere near your accounts.  If a site busts you or if we happen to see you on social media advertising for this, it counts.  Please Do Not Use PayPal.
  • After 90 days of non-repayment, at our discretion, we will do the standard legal collections procedures.  It starts with a small claims judgment at the local courthouse and continues on to sale to a collections agency, along with reasonable legal fees and court costs.
  • We cannot release any of your site accounts if you have a negative balance with us.

If you are receiving payments via direct deposit and request an advance on a weekend, you may contact support with your email and you will have your payout at the next weekend payment time (and in some cases immediately).

Fees are based on the time since your last advance was completely paid.  You have essentially one free advance every 6 months.

  1. 1 to 7 days – No advance possible.
  2. 7 to 30 days – $25
  3. 30 to 180 days – $10
  4. 180+ days – Free

An emergency injection of up to $1000 cash is a powerful privilege and benefit to being a BoleynModel.  In order to qualify there isn’t any  need for an explanation or why you need it, its just there if you do.  Please use it responsibly.

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