Offline Tipping Now Available On Streamate

It appears that Streamate is working very diligently to maintain their foothold in the cammodel industry. Once again in recent weeks they’ve rolled out a new tool feature that will allow cammodel performers the ability generate additional income while keeping customers onsite. The first was last weeks feature where Streamate Rolls Out Video Sales and now this week’s feature will give customers the option to tip cammers while they are offline. Currently this will only be available to mobile users and only if they enter the site through the main streamate link vs. a cammodels link.

For Example:

streamate offline tipping


Logged in mobile users who enter through can access the offline tipping option through the email icon. For each offline tip received models will receive an email alert letting them know that they’ve received Gold.


Also one other feature that will be made available via mobile access is:

Members viewing your profile on a mobile device can now sign up for device notifications. Members can scroll to the bottom of your description to turn this on. Whenever you start streaming, they’ll get an update on their device to let them know! Your regulars may be excited to sign up and make sure they never miss your stream. 

To see more information on how this new feature works check out a video demo walking you through the steps.

Recently I conducted a Twitter Poll asking what Streamate Models thought of the latest feature and if it was something that they would use.

I’m guessing based upon the responses where most models are excited about the new offline tipping feature, most camgirls are uncertain on how to make it work to their advantage. Shiny new tools are amazing but only if camgirls know how to use them. In order to make sure that as many cammodels prosper from this new venture as possible I’d like to give a few tips on how to make it work for you. First off I’d like to suggest encouraging visitors to your chatroom to send you an email right there on the site. Entice them with a free picture once they contact you. Of course you may be opening yourself up to receive a massive amount of dick pics but at least you now have new members to add to your growing mailing list. Unfortunately cammers are not able to contact members first and it’s only when they send you an email is it possible to write them at a later date. You can reserve this tactic to only spending customers if you like but depending on your tolerance level it could be a good idea to open up your options a bit more.

Now that you have them on your mailing list you can contact members to let them know that they are more than welcomed to spoil and surprise you once you log on. It’s also a great idea to use your social media accounts reminding them to shower you with gold. This new feature can potentially save cammodels a great deal of time. Frequently members will email camgirls begging them to log on with the promise of purchasing a live camshow, but this isn’t always a request that can be immediately fulfilled. So now with offline tipping Streamate Models can ensure that they’re time is being compensated if they request a substantial amount of gold beforehand.

If you have any additional tips and tricks on how to use the new offline tipping feature for Streamate be sure to follow @BoleynModels on Twitter and share your thoughts with us. For more information on joining Streamate and how to signup please read our Streamate Daily Pay FAQ article found here on our website.

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