Nightline Covers Camming Couples

Several weeks ago ABC’s investigative news show Nightline, featured a segment on camming couples who create their own interactive porn. We’ve also covered this very topic here on Boleyn Models and took a closer look at the process of finding a partner to cam with. What’s unique about Nightline’s Camming Couples episode is that it stands apart from the usual rhetoric involving cammodels displayed in documentaries like  “Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On” found on Netflix.

In the Rashida Jones docuseries viewers are shown the lives of cammers in HGW episode 5 “Take Me Private”. Ever since the release of the series it’s received plenty of scorn and disdain from the cammodel community. Mostly because it appears that it’s creators may not have that much respect for sex workers and their privacy. They demonstrated their lack of regard for online performers by choosing to use content without consent. Instead they exposed several models and fell back on something called “Fair Use”.

What Nightline chose to do was create a segment that showed mainstream audiences a different view within the world of camming. In fact by not using a salacious angle that would make the featured models appear to be obscene and vulgar, they focused on a happy couple who also happen to be cammodels as well. Cammodels Peppermint & Dusty can be found on Chaturbate one of over 20 websites found within the Boleyn Models Daily Pay studio and one of the best quotes from the segment, I thought after stating that they were normal people was:

peppermmint dusty cammodels




Also featured in the Nightline program was camgirl and pornstar ArianaMarie who can be found streaming live on MyFreeCams four nights a week. She points out how the cammodel industry is quite sustainable and allows models to be more creative and interactive in regards to connecting with a fanbase. She also mentions how she believes camming to be more of an advantage and gives absolute control over earning money versus waiting for the phone to ring in the land of porn. ArianaMarie, like thousands of other cammodels who work from home in the comfort and security of their own surroundings are online entrepreneurs. They’ve decided to treat live interactive porn shows like most other online businesses by being consistent and innovative.

couples camming


On the other end of the spectrum, camgirl Peppermint spoke on Nightline about how it’s not all about earnings and how camming has some very altruistic purposes as well,  “Money isn’t at the top of the list, it’s an awesome bonus on the side.” Peppermint and Dusty hope to inspire other couples to strive for the same level of intimacy and affection that they have for one another. Overall I think that this was a wonderful segment that did a great job of showing cammers in a positive light instead of vilifying models and or turning them into victims. As this business becomes more and more mainstream I think it’s time we erased the stigma attached to being a cammodel.
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