BoleynModels Newsletter – July 13 “Dog Days of Summer Edition”

Hello Ladies and Gentlebb’s!

I know it’s been excruciatingly long since we released our last newsletter, but there’s been a few reasons for that. We’ve been slowly expanding and moving into our new offices over the last few months as well as getting a few projects in gear we hope to have released soon. Without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to:

Holiday weekend

4th of July is a US banking holiday so please plan accordingly. There will be no direct deposits made or received on Monday, July 4th. PayPal and Paxum will run on “weekend schedule” (morning payments) for the 3-day holiday.
If you are on direct deposit, tomorrow’s payment will be the last one that will reach you before the weekend. The cutoff time for earnings starts at 2pm CST and we process Streamate last before making payments.

Email Improvements

We switched over to Gmail business servers so no more lost or spam-blocked responses from us for your burning questions. is the official address, but still goes to the same place.

Razer Stargazer

The new Razer webcams are the “bridge technology” we’re betting on to become the cammodel standard for the next year or two. Our opinion is that this will be a low cost webcam that will last up until 3-d starts to become the standard. Unfortunately, they still haven’t released these and are way past their scheduled production date. We’ve bulk ordered about 20 of these with the option to get more at a much reduced cost for our models.

When they do become available, we will be able to send one to you directly for about 25-30% below the retail $200 cost, as well as finance you for it out of your earnings with us. The requirements are VERY STEEP, you will need a 6th generation i7 processor and USB 3.0 to get any real benefit from the cam. They do have some incredible features that will increase your sales dramatically…the ability to background video clips during your gold show or token show countdowns and the ability to kick/ban via hand gestures  Flip them the bird, they get kicked from your room. (Jazz hands!)

Besides the bells and whistles, the real kicker is that for the price, its built to make encoders (such as SM and a few other sites) very happy with high frame-rates at high resolutions…without taxing your CPU.

Store page:

As always, if you have any questions or need help with upgrading your camming gear, our Skype or email support is standing by to answer every question.

Update! – Razer has revised their estimated delivery to Quarter 3 of this year…we’ll see.  In the meantime, they did release their “back-to-school” gaming notebook which has everything a growing cammodel needs packed in a tiny notebook for about $1000.


With the edition of iFriends this morning we’re now up to 20 active sites to choose from. We also fixed the issue with ManyVids and CamContacts forms so they will successfully go through. If you signed up for any of these, we will get to you shortly if Rae hasn’t already. The signups were stored, we just weren’t notified.

To access the forms for any of these sites, log into your BoleynModels dashboard and feel free to browse around – they can be found below the Personal/Payment info forms.

A recruiting affiliate just reached $1000. Hooray for firsts (and strip clubs ).

Streamate transfer FAQ

is up, this answers most of the questions people have about SM transfers with BoleynModels. Most of it is old news if you’ve already transferred. We’ll be making one for AdultWork shortly. Linky:

Contest for new logos!

We’re offering a $200 reward for the best logo design for our future re-branding. Show us your best artistry skills encompassing our BoleynModels core values – equality, integrity, and reliable service for cammodels. This initial reward may also result in a full contract for banners, branding packages for other sites, and other marketing material.

Update! – We didn’t find exactly what we were looking for, but anyone contributing something received $50 for their efforts.  Thank you to anyone that did contribute something.

Content producers wanted!

We will be paying well for website content and are looking for experienced cammodels to share anything from basic tips to in-depth editorials about the camming world and your experiences. A lot of our content from the old BoleynModels site is starting to look dated and we decided not to re-post it. Instead, we’d like to gather some certified fresh content from our current pool of talented ladies.

Shortly after the launch of the site mentioned in the next bullet, we’ll have a form up on BoleynModels where you can submit a sample or proposal for an article. We’ll select interesting ones and give a deadline and a payout and hope to have 2-3 items per week added to the site – video blogs or articles. You don’t need to be a super expert for a lot of things, the point of view from new cammodels can be just as compelling.

Upcoming Sites and Services

There’s been a spate of new “85%” processors come on the market lately, and damnit if they didn’t steal our ideas. To be fair, we didn’t tell anyone and delayed it until after our office move…

Actually, the reality is that the camming world is moving towards this, as there is a definite price point for payment processing where models will give up their 100% in exchange for not being banned off mainstream services (PayPal, Google Wallet) and having their funds frozen (in some cases, $1000’s). This was one of a few holes in the market we’ve seen for quite some time, but didn’t have the time or resources to capitalize on it until now. Now if someone could invent the “traffic button”…

Our own service should be in beta within the next 3-4 weeks and BoleynModels members in good standing can enjoy indy payment processing up to 87% (paid daily). This is a service designed for you to use, so we encourage as much feedback as possible. One of the main hurdles will be to strike the right balance between fraud and chargeback protection and convenience.

Following the launch of (as well as more “mainstream” variations – and for the dommes), we’ll be following up with our own indy marketing and listing site. This will also lead to several full- and part-time positions, with a hiring preference towards military veterans and cammodel veterans. Our goal is to be at 5 to 7 full-time positions by the end of the year.

Summer Slowdown

This year’s “summer slowdown” which generally starts around mid-May was particularly brutal, we’re not going to lie. Income dropped about 25% across the board in less than a week, this lead to a cycle of models cutting their own hours (make less, work less?) that culminated in a record number of loan payments. I am happy to say that this is indeed temporary. As of today we have less than $200 in outstanding advances, about 95% have been paid back in just the last week or so.

The websites, particularly Streamate, have been holding steady. If historical trends are followed, everything should be back to normal in the weeks after 4th of July holiday and slowly ramp up until the end of the year. It gets better. Winter is coming. May the force be with you. The more you know. Keep calm and cam on.

I’d like to again thank our ladies helping out, and my hubby, and our engineer, and all of you for making this one of the most successful online endeavors ever. No matter how big we grow, we’ll keep doing our best to make sure everyone feels like they have a personal concierge that has their backside in this industry. Everyone just keep being your awesome selves and we’ll all be ok.

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