My Journey To Becoming An Independent Cammodel

By TajaEthereal

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My career as an independent cammodel began in 2009 after two years in the sex industry. I first started as a phone sex operator in 2007 and before long I became interested in live cams and what it had to offer. As I began my journey as a pso I also got into affiliate marketing and different ways to promote my phone sex lines. I found myself playing different characters for horny callers and often times I pretended to be someone else. Rarely would I give them descriptions that accurately depicted what I looked like or where I came from. I became a fabrication and made a lot of men happy. Men who were more than willing to play along with the fantasy. While I branched off into affiliate marketing I came across programs to promote cammodels and live chat. This is when I fantasized about being the center of attention and how great it would feel to step out from behind the scenes. And so I began my new endeavor as a cammodel who would later branch off on my own.

Independent Cammodels

independent cammodel
Are expected to promote their own brand without the help of a third party platform. Also as an Independent Webcammodel I have to acertain payment processors, advertising, and create my own marketing materials. I pay the overhead for all my websites including the hosting plan for each site I own. And I have to target and generate my own traffic. By far generating traffic is the most difficult part of the equation. You will need to learn SEO skills (Search Engine Optimization) In a nutshell you will want to make sure that Google can find your website and make you available to all the horny spenders out there. When you sign up for a Free Chat Site all of this is done and provided for you. But as an Independent you are expected to do this all on your own.

Getting Started On Webcam Sites

In the beginning I signed up simultaneously to Streamate and MyFreeCams. I have to point out that most models do not sign up for two camsites at the same time. At least not in the beginning. It’s always great to try one at a time to see how it works and if it works for you. But I had no idea what I was doing and was under the impression that it was going to be easy. I got into the routine of working MFC in the day time and then I worked Streamate at night. At that time there weren’t very many independent cammodel directories. Therefore I was unaware that this was even an option. But soon I would find out there were models who chose to perform camshows live on skype.

After my idea of working two different camsites at the same began to fold I looked for other ways to make money as a camgirl. While working for MyFreeCams and Streamate I realize that I didn’t have the stamina for free chat sites. And the difference between the two was humongous and varied. I didn’t do my research beforehand and jumped right in. For instance MFC is the sort of site where one entertainer is expected to perform for large groups of people all at the same time. But only a small percentage of your viewers will become actual paying customers. The majority of your viewers will only lurk and cheer. This can be said of any camsite including more private based sites like Streamate. Most visitors visit the sites without the intention of spending money. It’s pretty much up to the cammodel to convert them into sales. It’s important to know this once you’ve decided to become a live chat model.

Things I avoided when I became an Independent Cammodel

Freechat Camsites For Cammodels
Free chat sites are also known as private based sites within the cammodel community. It’s when cammodels sign up as web host and agree to perform for paying customers in a more intimate setting away from the eyes of non-paying members. Each site has its own contractual agreement that each model must sign in exchange for use on it’s platform. In addition to using the platform to live stream models use the sites payment processors and marketing efforts. Each site requires routine maintence and live staff in order to run the site at top performance. This is why most camsites payout models anywhere from 35% to 50% of customer spending. Each model is expected to talk in a free chatroom open to all registered members of the site in the hopes of suggestively selling them into a paid chat option.

Token Based Camsites
Are also sites where cammodels agree to a contractual agreements but are allowed to perform full on sex shows live in a free chat setting. Unlike most private based sites where the idea is to entice each customer into a one one one paid show, cammodels are encouraged to perform for large audiences. And often times only a small percentage of the audience contributes financially. The idea is to have a few people pool their money together to pay for one public show.

Finding A Balance Between Freechat And Skype Shows

I cannot definitively say that being an Independent Cammodel has greater rewards than becoming a model on a huge box site like Streamate or MyfreeCams. After all you will need to spend countless hours online researching seo and marketing plans. You will have to learn how to target your audience and position yourself for maximum exposure. Creating an online prescence is the same theory as opening a brick and motar business. If no one knows the physical location or that it even exist then how are they to make a purchase? You have to announce it, advertise and show them the way. And then once you’ve done all of that you have to convice them that they need what you are selling. Pulling this off as an independent cammodel can give you the ability to perform live shows on skype with a greater payout.

Although I’ve made the steps to becoming more independent from time to time I still work on the major camsites. I find that working on multiple platforms works best for me and fits who I am as a person. When I appear on free chat sites I like to think of my chatroom as my store front. While I’m streaming live online quite often men get curious and began googling my model name. This is how they find out that I also provide skypesex shows. I’m not allowed to mention my independent ventures while streaming on the big box sites.  Because that would be considered stealing traffic and going against the agreement that I contractually signed in the beginning. But if you use the same name you won’t be hard to find.  It really comes down to a matter of preference and what fits your personality. Also I enjoy reading up on marketing and new technology. So when I began to promote my camshows on skype it was a natural progression. And I was able to control my own brand and the types of customers I wanted to cater to with multiple marketing tools. I used free social media platforms like Twitter and tumblr to get started. I had already gained my social media skills as a phone sex operator so it was just a matter of doing it all over again when I became a camgirl.

Cammodel Directories

Now that more and more cammodels are seeking alternatives to big box sites, becoming an independent cammodel has become a lot easier. Back in 2009 when I got started many of the camgirl directories that existed then have disappeared. In those days models performed shows live on Yahoo, MSN Messenger,Eyeball Chat and others. Today performing live shows on Skype seems to be the gold standard.

Update: 7/14/18  Discord, The New Skype Alternative For Cammodels

If you have a paysite like I do you can perform shows live from your own website with technology provided by ModelCentro. Also new and improved sites like Skyprivate and Cammodel Directory have emerged to make the transition more seamless.  ModelCentro, Skyprivate and Cammodel Directory are all apart of The Boleyn Models Network. If you find that you not interested in learning how to market yourself or how to set up a webpage but would like to perform shows in a more relaxed setting then I would suggest signing up for one of the two directory sites on the network. You may need to advertise your listing on social media like Twitter and Instagram. But at least you aren’t required to learn html5 or seo. As an established independent cammodel you can just tweet your availability while watching the latest season of Game of Thrones or something.

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