ScarletRaven Goes To The MVLoft

By ScarletRaven


Have you ever dreamt of being SnowWhite? Waking up with one magical kiss that changes your whole life? That’s how I felt when I was invited to attend the #MVLoft last month just before Christmas.  The experience was one of the most memorable moments of my cammodel career! There is no way I could possibly keep it all to myself, and that is why I want to share my entire experience with all of you!

Of course, in true ScarletRaven style my flight to Montreal was cancelled the night before I was supposed to fly out.  There was NO way that I was going to miss my chance to attend the MVLoft right before Christmas so my incredible partner offered to make the 15hr drive to Montreal, hole up in a hotel while I lived out my fairytale and then drive the 15hrs back home in time for Christmas! Being part of a family of 6 is complicated, hectic, crazy fun, hard work and FULL of love.  While we made the trip to Canada through ice and snow storms, I could not help but feel full of gratitude that my family accepts and supports my career.

scarletraven mvloft manyvids

I arrived at the loft late Monday night and was welcomed by the 3 lovely ladies I was to spend the week with: @xoDahliaDee @JaneWildeXXX and @RylandBabyLove.  They waited up for me to make sure I was able to get in and settled ASAP.  It was a little nerve wracking being the last guest to arrive, 6 hours after the rest of the group but these women immediately made me feel welcome and part of them!  They had been brainstorming ideas for our content and takeover; I was BLOWN away by their work ethic and motivation.  After a nice little pow wow,they showed me to my beautiful room and let me get settled in.

Being in my room at the MVLoft felt like a little piece of Heaven to me.  All 4 guests staying at the MVLoft have their own private room with bathroom en suite and a key to maintain privacy.  The rooms are decorated with a minimalist style; the aesthetic was modern and calming.  I was given a goodie bag full of MV Swag and the BRAND new MV ButtPlug.  The 1st thing I did was unpack, set up my room decor and take pictures for my snap chatting friends!  Everything about my room was perfect and taking a shower under that rain shower head was absolutely orgasmic.  I don’t get this kind of luxury and privacy on a regular basis so I was soaking in every glorious second!

The loft is set up in a way that the bedrooms can be separated from the main living space and that helped with privacy during filming if needed!  The loft decor is perfect; modern loft style with minimal colors, hard wood, modern art work and MV pop art all over the walls! The touches that were included by the MV staff really made you feel like you were part of ManyVids and I LOVED the pink paper MV crowns(perfect for practicing my acceptance speech for winning SocialMediaSlayer in the 2018 MV Awards)  There were mirrors EVERYWHERE which made for incredible snapchat pics, video concepts and play time!  The only thing that was lacking from the loft was coffee, healthy snacks and food in general.  I was BROKE by the time I arrived to the loft and there had just been a snow storm in Montreal so the streets were covered! I ended up losing 5lbs during my stay(not an entirely bad thing) because it was so hard to go out and find affordable food, quickly.  Luckily some of the previous Loft guests had left some tea and the MV team provided some left over snacks so I was able to get by!

mvloft manvidsDay 1 at the MVLoft is a day for arriving, getting settled and preparing for the week.  Since I missed that day, I had to catch up late night!  For day 2 and 3 we were split into 2 groups so that we could have the MV artistic team focused on our solo photo and video shoots! On Tuesday(day 2) I worked with @JaneWildexxx and we shot a muckbang Youtube video eating poutine! It was such a great experience to film with the ManyVids artistic team. They went out and bought us the yummiest poutine in the world and then the whole loft watched as we each filmed our videos!  @xoDahlaiaDee and @RylandBabyLove had their solo photo and video shoots and they were breathtaking! It was so great to be able to be there for one another, to help through the nerves and anxiety of photo shoots.


scarletraven photoshoot manyvidsOn Day 3 it was my turn for my solo photo/video shoots and I woke up so nervous I could puke.  I am an early riser(just ask my LoftSisters) but so is Ryland and she was there for me to help calm my nerves and put me in a great headspace for shooting.  These 3 women made me feel like I was Queen of the world, the sexiest woman alive and that anything we shot today was gonna be perfect! The ManyVids artistic team is brilliant and they set up 2 shoots for me that fit my style perfectly! I am trying to glow up into a very naughty and powerful Mrs.Robinson:that is exactly the look they captured in my photos and videos! The photoshoot had a powerful pink backdrop and started with me sitting on classy black leather chair.  We took pictures that reminded me of Sharon Stone in indecent proposal that transitioned to me being naked and looking like Demi Moore’s picture from Striptease.  At 1st I was beyond nervous and it showed but they were so patient and kind, getting exactly the look they wanted from me!  The video shoot was even more fun because I got to shoot a video on my new RideTheCowgirl saddle sex machine.  The backdrop of my video was the brick & hard wood of the loft; it felt very seductive, erotic and sensual…almost like you were spying on a woman in control of her own orgasms.

On Wednesday night we had the honor of being interviewed on the ManyVids podcast by  interviewed by hosts Bunty King & Tranna.  Prior to the podcast the MV artistic team shot some film of us getting ready together and showcased the sisterhood that was starting to form.  The hosts of the MVPodcast are warm, welcoming, funny and professional; they made us feel like we were talking to old friends and it was great being able to be open about our careers with people who respected us as professionals!  The podcast had already been set up by the MV team with a holiday theme and we got to wear adorable Santa hats.  I LOVED talking into the pink MV labeled microphones; don’t ask me why but I felt like a such a STAR!  The whole podcast was recorded by ManyVids and uploaded on Youtube for you to enjoy with us over and over:

Thursday was our free day to create content together and our MVLoft Takeover LIVE on ManyVids; we had been planning for this day all week!  Dahlia had been compiling a list of video and takeover ideas.  We decided to make our takeover a friendly competition of USA vs CAN since Jane & I are from the US and Dahlia & Ryland are from Canada!  All morning we brainstormed, finalized ideas, kept each other on track and then knocked out some AMAZING content.  It was a whirlwind of a day, with barely enough time to breath before getting ready to go out to dinner with MV Laura before our MV Takeover.  Laura arrived right on time and took us to a really YUMMY Canadian pub with incredible food and tasty drinks! Spending time talking with her about ManyVids opened our eyes to a different perspective and I really felt strongly that ManyVids cares about its content creators 1st and foremost.  Every decision they make, all the ideas they come up with…they are all with our best interests at heart.  Sometimes it feels like there is a disconnect between the MV team and its content creators, so I suggested possibly creating a panel of content creators that could be consulted for major ideas or site changes.  Laura listened to all of our suggestions and concerns, even though it was very evident that she was more than overwhelmed with work.  Dinner was great but we had to get back to the Loft for our MVTakeover and the end to our MVLoft stay.  

mvloft guest of the week

Our takeover was MAGICAL; all because of the competition and events that we had planned! If you missed out on watching it, you can purchase it for sale on MVLoft Takeover Episode 4I promise you will laugh, get turned on, laugh some more and maybe even enjoy some sweet release with us at the end! Its 3 hours FULL of PORN-edy. Psst that’s what I call comedic porn. 😉

After our MV Takeover ended it was time to pack up and get ready for our long trips home!  There was another snow storm descending upon Montreal so we all planned to leave the MVLoft by 8am.  It was very hard to focus on packing and leaving these incredible women; we truly did form a memorable bond and became #LoftSisters during our trip.  Thankfully we made plans to get together again and hopefully will see each other in Vegas for the AVN/AEE week!  I could not fall asleep my last night in the loft.  I was wrapped up in my beautiful white, down MV comforter and snuggled up amongst my MV pillows…it felt perfect and I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity.

If you’d like to know more about Boleyn Model ScarletRaven and her many adventures you can follow her on Twitter @ScarletRaven_69 and be sure to checkout her hot and sexy content here on her ManyVids Store.


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