ManyVids Introduces MV CRUSH

Recently Snapchat did a major overhaul to the structure of their popular app to the dismay of many cammodels. Content creators were left wondering how they could continue selling subscriptions going forward. Not only were cammers upset with the recent SnapChat update, but mainstream as well. According to feedback the new layout makes it extremely difficult for users to find their favorite stories, and just imagine how frustrating that must be for a fan who’s purchased a snapchat subscription from his favorite cammodel.

If you combine this most recent issue with the ongoing problem of models loosing their accounts due to explicit activity and adult content, some may have felt a slight pinch in their wallets after this recent occurrence. But now Manyvids has just released it’s newest feature called MV Crush. It was just released earlier today and from the sounds of it, it very well may be the answer to selling “stories” and micro subscriptions for cammodels.

What Is MV Crush?

According to the Manyvids Blog:

MV Crush is an exclusive mailing list that lets MV Stars send out private content ONLY to members who subscribe to be an MV Crush. These instant messages, which include sexy notes, special vids and private pics, are sent directly to MV Crush members’ inboxes. MV Stars can set MV Crush subscription pricing anywhere between $1.99 to $19.99 per month and they’ll get 80% of the membership price!

The 80% payout is higher than previous payouts for various services on the Manyvids platform. I suppose the reason behind this is due to the limitations on the new feature. MV Stars when using the new MV Crush are only able to send video lengths between ten seconds and three minutes. Also you are only able to send one item to members one at a time.

Although it’s only just launched less than 24 Hours ago, cammodels are already putting the new feature to work

From the looks of it, content creators will be able to share blurred teasers via Twitter.

So far MV Stars who’re extremely excited about the new feature have flooded the blog post with tons of questions about how it actually works. And because ManyVids is known for giving excellent model support, staffers are jumping in to answer questions.

manyvids mv crush

manyvids mv crush

If only they could create a ManyVids app for MV Crush, that could completely fill the void for cammodels wanting to sell “SnapChat like” subscriptions without the fear of being deleted or constant updates that may anger their fanbase. Who knows maybe it’s already int the works? And of course ManyVids is a member of the Boleyn Models daily pay network. So if you’re looking for new ways to sell your cammodel content and would like to receive your earnings EVERY SINGLE DAY, please send an email to rae@boleynmodels dot com, she’ll walk you through the process of getting set up with Boleyn Models and Manyvids.

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