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By Julie Snow

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I am wring this article specifically for newer cam models who are over the age of 30 and in some cases those models would be considered as mature.  I’m a 43 year old cammodel and in my first year of camming and I’ve had zero modeling or sex work experience.  Prior to becoming a cam model I’ve never taken a selfie, and for this reason I call myself the unlikely camgirl.  What started out as trying to ride the popular wave of internet panty selling turned into being recruited by another Boleyn Model who led me down the path of self-employment and independence.  Besides performing live on Streamate, I also produce my own videos and sell Kik sessions, picture sets, Skype shows and  Snapchat.  Selling digital and physical goods is something I’ve done for some time now, but hadn’t tried camming just yet. Mostly because I was extremely self-conscious about my age. I was under the assumption that all camgirls were in the 18-25 range.  After “creeping” on other girls, on sites like Streamate.

I realized that there were women in their 50s and older. Some cammodes were younger than me and looked very similar to myself on camera.  As I spent time in other cam girls public rooms, I realized that the girls that I liked were the ones with personality and were actually a bit older, like me.  Based on my own sexual openness and youthful appearance,  I realized that I could be successful like the younger girls, meaning my age would not hold me back. It became clear that I could work on top sites like Streamate and become successful despite my age.  I knew that I was something different, but what is it?  What am I…?

I now realize that I’m someone’s fantasy.  There is a man or woman who logged onto the streaming site to find a girl that fits their desires.  As a cammodel I’m classified with a number next to my name, and that number is my age.  I’ve had two paths I could go with when it came to advertising: I could adopt the age that I looked the most like, or I could be honest to my true age.  I’ve learned that I could lie about my age with ease, but I didn’t feel comfortable misrepresenting myself. Therefore I went with my actual age. And as a result,  I have no regrets, and the more I cam, the more I realize that guys seek me out because of my age, not in spite of it.  Why? It’s because I’ve landed in the Milf category.   A “Mom I’d Like to Fuck.”


Oh, boy…my first day on camera a guy asked if I had kids and he said was a hot MILF, and I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t prepared for the MILF label, since I don’t have kids, never planned to have them, and I am awkward around them in real life.  I felt a bit nervous, I admit, and way out of my comfort zone.  The guy asked if I role play.  I said yes, I will role play student-teacher, where I am the bad student and you are the teacher.   He didn’t stay in my room very long because I didn’t fit his fantasy.  No one ever took me up on that fantasy of me being the bad student.  Why?  Because no one has a 43 year old student fantasy…!  The teacher is 43 and the student is 18.  If you are an older cam girl, be prepared, you are going to be asked to do the student-teacher, but you are going to be the teacher each time!   For me, I am a submissive type, but as the MILF cam girl, the guys tend to want the more dominant woman, if they sought me out as a MILF specifically.  I had to get used to this.

My first step-mother and step-son role play was really rough for me.  The guy asked me what he did “bad” as the step-son, and the only thing I could think of was he forgot to take out the trash!  I am laughing as I write this!  Our session together was extremely short, and I can’t honestly remember if he came, so sad.  In retrospect, he probably wanted me to have caught him in my underwear drawer or jerking off to my wedding album, I don’t know – but probably not for forgetting to take out the trash.  Typically when I do step-mother and step-son role play, I have caught him smoking weed.  That is a popular fantasy for younger guys.

I refuse to do simulated incest such as mother and son, and I also will not do any age play for under 18 years old.  Some websites and video sites have rules against these types of things, but for me I have a general rule that if I won’t do it in my personal life, I most likely will not do it on camera.  Naturally, to each their own, and I am certain that cam girls that do the mother-son make more money because of that fetish.  I have been asked nearly every night if I will do mother-son role play, and when I decline, sometimes the guy will stay in my room for something private, but I certainly lost an exclusive and higher paying per minute encounter, because of my decision not to push the age play.  You must decide for yourself how far you want to push the boundaries of taboo subjects and what you feel comfortable doing.

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I enjoyed working the MILF angle after I realized exactly what fantasies are a part of the fetish, and how they are played out.  With practice, I became more comfortable connecting with clients in this new role.  Most of my camming is performing sexually in a general show, and not constant role play, but I get a request for at least one role play session each night that I cam, so that is something that I needed to capitalize on.

Obviously a high quality web cam is important, but the other considerations for showing yourself in a positive light at your mature age is actually professional lighting.  The lighting with the white umbrellas and the central bare light is one of the most important parts of the cam room.  Be sure to take your time adjusting and spacing your lights so they do not throw unattractive shadows on your face.  This can take time and patience, but it can also make a difference in your appearance.  Guys are truly amazed when I do not look my age, and they do go on about it.   I actually look closer to my age in bad lighting.  Another reason for good lighting is that your video stream will be better quality if your camera has the best lighting to work with.  You can have stream interruption and slowing for poor lighting, causing clients to become frustrated and leave.


Second in importance to the lighting is hydration.  I cam late at night and if I am not constantly drinking water all day, my wrinkles pop at night.  I can see every single line on my face as if I were looking through a magnifying glass.   Water plumps out the skin and helps minimize lines and wrinkles, so drink up.  Ditch the sugar sodas and tea, and definitely drink water.  I noticed that when I first went on camera I had deeper lines than I do now, since I monitor my water intake very strictly when before I only drank when I was thirsty.  I also notice if I go on vacation for the weekend elsewhere and stay off camera, it takes me days to get back to my old hydration levels because I get out of the habit of steady water drinking.  I realize that people want us to be comfortable in our own skin, and accept aging, but if there were something simple like drinking more water that would give you a more youthful appearance, it makes sense to adopt the habit.  I notice I get way more compliments about my eyes when I am hydrated and I find it interesting that it’s so obvious in the way I look when I am not drinking water.

Although I wish I had discovered cammodeling ten years ago, I still see that there’s a place for me in this industry. Also I realize there are fantasies that only mature models can fulfill if the clients are looking for milfs. This gives me a confidence booster each day I awake and feel as though I look a bit old.  I get my head in the game and figure out how to work it to my advantage.  So far, this attitude has not failed me and I have truly enjoyed being on camera and performing live.  I encourage all mature cam girls like myself to embrace their maturity, and work the niche market that’s open to us.


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