Measure B Goes Into Effect

On August 22, 2017 The Board Of Supervisors In Los Angeles County passed Measure B, a law that would require adult industry performers to apply for health permits as well as wear condoms during the recording of pornography or live streams. Currently the law is only enacted for performers residing within L.A. County. But with more and more states declaring pornography a public health hazard time will only tell just how many other places begin to adopt this ordinances. Solo performers are exempt however if you’re a cammodel duo this will most likely effect you. Entities who fall under this category are required to pay $1,672 fee and a $982 renewal fee after every two years. The Department of Public Health will collect these fees to cover the cost of enforcement.

The markup for Measure B is extremely broad and has led to a bit of confusion for many cammodels.

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The most concerning factor is how exactly is it determined as to who will need to abide by this new rule. Most cammodels and content creators who use platforms like Manvids and Clips4sale usually work directly from their own homes and may not exactly consider the fact that this may include them alongside pornstars. After lots of research I’ve been able to find out that rules for who Measure B includes is as follows:

  • A Producer Of Adult Films – means any person or entity that produces, finances, or directs, adult films for commercial purposes.
  •  An Adult Film by definition – Is any film, video, multimedia or other representation of sexual intercourse in which performers actually engage in oral, vaginal, or anal penetration, including, but not limited to, penetration by a penis, finger, or inanimate object; oral contact with the anus or genitals of another performer,· and/or any other sexual activity that may result in the transmission of blood and/or any other potentially infectious materials.
  • Recording or real time broadcast of any adult film/clip regardless of medium used (Webcam) is considered as filming. Source

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Many believe that the intended purpose for creating Measure B is to drive pornography out of Los Angeles County all together and is just one more attempt by government officials to be less focused on public health issues and more about making moral judgments against the adult industry. In April of 2016 the state of Utah declared pornography a public health crisis and then created a non-binding resolution to conduct further research on adult entertainment. Although it’s current state is only symbolic in nature due to the fact that this doesn’t ban porn or webcam streams but most likely sets the stage for future legislation. Utah isn’t the only state to claim that adult entertainment is sending their communities into a state of crisis as the Commonwealth Of Virginia is currently making measures to declare porn a public hazard as well. Utah’s war on the adult industry is led by Pamela Atkinson the leader of the Utah Coalition Against Pornography board.


utah porn pamela atkinson

Under her leadership it was able to pass the state House and Senate with unanimous votes of approval. Again this only the beginning and currently does not restrict the use or access to such things as online porn or camsites.

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