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Give LoyalFans the OnlyFans alternative a try. And when you do you will be able to receive your LoyalFans earnings through BoleynModels and our daily payout program. We welcomed them to our network back in December of 2020 and are thrilled to be able to provide our models more options. In case you were unsure of what BoleynModels is, we’re is an innovative, creator-centric cammodel studio that provides consolidated and flexible daily payouts for models with earnings due from partnered networks. We also extend a variety of additional services, including zero interest payroll advances and model support. Collaborative networks include live cam sites, independent cam sites, clip content sites — and now, premium social media fan club sites via an exclusive partnership with Loyalfans.

loyalfans the onlyfans alternative

Unlike OnlyFans who recently announced a porn ban on their platform after years of brand building off the backs of sexworkers, Loyalfans is committed to not putting limitations on earning potential, nor will the platform make significant  policy changes without providing advance notice and opportunity for discussion. Artists and content creators have direct access to 24/7 site support. 

LoyalFans commitment to transparency is a welcome change considering OnlyFans the top dog in the adult content game, has for months denied the upcoming porn ban only to eventually come clean.  The company says the ban on sexually explicit content is going in to effect Oct. 1 and appears to blame the decision on outside forces. They claim to be making necessary changes to ensure longevity and compliance due to requests from banking partners and payment providers.  But even their most recent claims are somewhat suspicious because Mastercard, one of their payment providers has denied making these sort of request. 

“Seth Eisen, a spokesman for Mastercard, told CNN Business it was not involved in OnlyFans’ decision to restrict the content it would allow on the platform. “It’s a decision they came to themselves,” Eisen said. (Other payment processors didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment for this story.)” CNN BUSINESS

At this point it’s extremely difficult to tell which one of them are operating with full transparency. And because LoyalFans operates in a manner that greatly pleases us here at BoleynModels, we’d like to suggest their platform as an OnlyFans alternative. For more information on how to be included in this amazing partnership please the LoyalFans sign up page.

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