How Cammodels Can Make Use Of Instagram’s Data Download

Instagram has decided to follow in the steps of their sister company Facebook, and created a new tool that will let users download their own data from the photo sharing app. Cammodels and content creators all over can now easily access content by simply submitting their  email address through the desktop version, and Instagram will send you a copy of your “Instagram stories, videos, photos, followers and much more.”  Although they caution that the complete data download can take up to 48 hours, it only took me an average of 15 mins to receive mine after making the request for four different accounts. Cammodels interested in accessing their content can do so HERE.

Why Is Instagram’s Data Download So Amazing?

The two things that I love the most about the data download are being able to access my contacts and my video content. As a cammodel being able to back up contacts from every usable platform is an absolute must and now with the start of the European Data Protection Regulations, Instagram fell inline and made it possible.

After four years of preparation and debate the GDPR was finally approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016. Enforcement date:

may25 European data protection regulation

May 25th of course! So although Instagram any many other social media platforms didn’t decide out of the kindness of the hearts to release our data, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for celebration. By being able to have copies of your Instagram contacts you can easily follow them back if you were to ever lose your account or just maybe you’d like to start a fresh one. And with the ability to download Instagram stories, photos and videos cammodels and other content creators can simply transfer their data to other social media platforms build for adult performers. Websites that were created as an OnlyFans Alternative like FanCentro and MV Crush are perfect places to upload short clips and other teasers that may resemble snapchat.

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