How You Can Gain More Exposure On Streamate

Recently I spoke with a few cammodels on Streamate concerning the three usuals: cammodel placement, traffic and how to get more exposure. These are very commonly discussed areas no matter where you set up shop in camland, but in this particular case theres an unknown opportunity that seems to have evaded a large number of models from the Streamate platform. In fact there’s more than just the one but the opportunity I find most promising is the Camgirl Of The Week series featured on the Mr. Skin Podcast. Being a podcaster myself I’ve found that it’s a great way to gain more exposure and a more intimate way of connecting with people on the go. So if you’ve ever wondered how you can draw more traffic to your camroom/website or wherever, you’re going to want to pay attention to this next part.

  • The Mr. Skin Podcast & Streamate.
    This podcast isn’t exactly what it sounds like at least not for the Camgirl Of The Week episodes that feature those from Streamate.  Despite the name their isn’t any required nudity. (It’s not that kind of exposure 🙂 )

This originally launched back in October but as it was recently revealed that many cammers had no idea about this opportunity or what steps to follow to be featured on the podcast. And to be honest I can definitely understand why so many have been left unaware because the details on how to become a guest on the Mr. Skin Podcast aren’t prominently displayed. I mean there are a ton of tweets mentioning the weekly segment, but what if you aren’t on Twitter? Allow me to show the way. You can find a submission form on the InsideStreamate website.

mrskin podcast camgirl streamate

  • Cammodels Can Get Featured On Social Media– If you want to be featured on their social media platforms, please visit this link. There will be a form where you can fill out your Streamate model name and upload SFW hi-res images.

I wonder how many Streamatemodels even know the InsideStreamate website exist? There’s also a weekly Streamate blog managed by Vanessa Eve from model recruitment.

  • Streamate Blog– That brings me to the third cammodel opportunity for more exposure and that’s on their blog, where various models share tips and tricks on how to become more successful. Also have you ever wondered how to get your hands on some of that Streamate swag and how that even works? Checkout the latest vlog from their cammodel blogging series BEHIND THE SCENES: OUTGOING SWAG! (“LE STRUGGLE”).  If you are on Twitter (who doesn’t have Twitter?) be sure to follow Vanessa @StreamateModelsShe’s very friendly and responds to cammodel questions regarding upcoming events and new features. But if you’re in need of tech support it’s best to either submit a ticket through the Streamate platform or if you’re a Boleyn Model  you can always contact us on Skype at “Boleyn Models”. We’ll sort you out right away.

  • #SMbabe Social Shows

#SMbabe social shows are monthly pre-scheduled shows that take place on, and are highlighted on Streamate’s social media accounts. Streamate will post a question to its social media accounts on the first Tuesday of every month: one performer will be selected as an #smbabe to be featured for a 1-hour show based on their unique response. Streamate will promote the #smbabe before, during, and after their actual feature takes place. Several of our very own BoleynModels have been featured for these specialized shows: 


With #smbabe social shows, our goals are to:

  • Spark a conversation on social media
  • Showcase the diverse talent that make up the Streamate community
  • Elevate featured performers, whether it be through new followers/added visibility on social media, new “hearts” on their SM profile, and engaging user participation during their 1-hour show on Streamate.
  • The person with the featured response will receive the following:
    • Title of #smbabe
    • Featured promotion on our social channels before, during, and after their show.
    • A pre-scheduled, 1-hour show that takes place on their Streamate profile on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.
    • Exclusive swag that is only available to #smbabe’s

If you’d like to learn more on how you can join our daily pay network and perform live on Streamate, take a look at this article featuring the most commonly asked questions on how the transfer process works.

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