Camgirls Learn How To Convert Freeloaders

Every cammodel has their fair share of adoring fans who aren’t actually fans but are more like time wasting freeloaders. At least that’s how things appear at first glance. The growing collection of unsolicited dick pics in every camgirls inbox is enough to make you wanna throw in the towel some days. But of course quitting isn’t really a viable option when you’ve just invested time and money on cammodel technology to enhance your business and rent is now due. And sometimes ignoring freeloaders isn’t enough to rid yourself of their annoying presence, especially if you’re a one of the many cammodels who use social media. So now here you are with an inbox overflowing with empty promises and fake love letters, what’s a camgirl to do?

Squeeze Those Lemons And Put Them To Work

That’s right. Make them work for you and your cammodel business. Sometimes freeloaders can actually be useful and not a total drain on your eternal soul. If you can find a task that fits the situation you can turn a timewaster into a little helper. For example, whenever a Twitter follower “slides into your dms” with undying love for you or promises to treat you better than any man has ever treated you before, put him to work. Slip him a link to the latest update on your blog or content site. Make sure you tell them that once he clicks on the link it will take him to a special place on the net where all your secrets manifest. Tell him whatever it takes to ensure he clicks the link. This is how you build traffic and convince the Google Gods that you’re website is worthy of a higher ranking, while potentially converting a freeloader at the same time.

There’s a very high chance that the minions from your direct messages could become a paying fan because you didn’t automatically block them. It’s very important to not be so quick to block and abolish all men who dare to annoy. For some annoying camgirls is a sport.  And for others it’s just a matter of being dumb while being aroused with a smart phone in one hand and an erection in the other.  Sometimes you have to guide them and give them a reason to put one of the two down for a moment. I typically use apps like Evernote on my android as well as my desktop to help store copy & paste responses for almost any direct message.

A few other tips for turning a time waster into a paying customer is to sometimes slide into their dm’s first. Why not? They’re not exactly bashful or discreet when it comes to showing off infatuation in the form of a dick pic, so in my opinion this is the perfect opportunity to hit them up for tributes or even votes for special events. The next time someone attempts to interact without payment, try using one of these tactics. It’s possible that by doing so this could make them feel as though they’re apart of something special. You never know it just might make the difference between a financial goal or coming up short.

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