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Like all online programs designed for social media and internet marketing there’s an algorithm in place. And the fastest growing image sharing app Instagram, is no exception. Most people who use Instagram have no idea that there is a method to using the platform beyond hashtags. In fact it’s quite often that I come across Instagram accounts that don’t use hashtags at all. Many are simply posting creative content with the hopes that they’ll get lucky and become insta famous, only to become buried under meme after meme. Now that I’ve become more than an Instagram novice  I have discovered a few tricks to becoming more visible on the platform.

Instagram Hashtags And How Many Are Too Many?

After doing some research and routine posting on Instagram, I learned that it’s possible to attach up to 30 hashtags per post. I also discovered that if I attempted to use more than the allotted 30 that my entire description would disappear once I clicked the submit button (Pro-Tip: Copy & Paste before you submit). That was a hard lesson to learn because each time I’d then have to recreate my entire post all over again. Hashtag by hashtag. Now if you’re like me and always searching for a way to make life more convenient and save time you’ll love using apps to save and store tags. My personal favorite is TagsForLikesPro. Not only can you create customized list consisting of your favorite hashtags, but TagsForlikesPro will also provide you with list of current tags most often used on Instagram. It’s not a free app but at only $.99, I’d say it’s well worth it.

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How To Place In The Top 6 For Instagram Categories
This is where the strategy kicks in. As previously mentioned hashtags are everything and very often under utilized. It’s important that you stay current on popular phrases and terminology. Pretty much knowing the latest slang is vital to gaining maximum exposure on Instagram. In addition to knowing what’s most popular the built in search will tell you how popular which hashtags are. But of course you will need a general idea of whats popular to begin with. A few great websites to use for keyword research are Displaypurposes  and a complete Instagram service, Camhustlers.

Once you’ve decided which hashtags pair with your image or the product the best, it’s important to break down your 30 hashtags into groups. For example posting a funny picture will not get you very many impressions if you only use tags like #funnypictures. Impressions are the number of times people have viewed your post by the way. Currently that specific tag has 3,485,891 images attached. It’s best to use a secondary tag within the 100,000 content range as well as a few others that have even fewer entries. Try using something alternatively like #funnypic that currently has 849,890. You will have a better chance of reaching the top six funny pictures on Instagram.

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Why Is It So Important To Alternate Hashtags?
There are less daily posts on the hashtag with 1 million uploads therefore you will have a longer duration of time before your picture is buried under newer entries under te Latest Post. Also hashtags with less than 1 million are far easier to feature under the Top Post section compared to hashtags with 10 million or more. This also depends on how many likes each picture has under the Top Post section since that’s the number need to achieve to become a featured post. If you are typically getting only 50-100 likes per post, then search for relevant hashtags that you can compete with. If the competition in the top 6 pictures for your chosen hashtags are getting likes at just a bit more than what you normally get, say around 150-200 then topping them just got easier now that you know what to do.

Try Using This Method For Featuring On Instagram:
5 Hashtags with 1 Million Plus Entries
15 Hashtags with 500,000 range
10 Hashtags within the 80,000-500,000 range (This is the sweet spot)

In my experience between 80,000-500,00 is where you’ll find your post in the top 6 most often. This is achievable when you focus on tags that fall in between this range. You can set the goal even lower because in some ways using these methods are easier for adult performers. Compared to the rest of Instagram we’re a niche group. With over 700 Million users on the platform I suspect that only a small percentage of those members are sex workers competing for impressions. I’m sorry I don’t have the numbers on that, but I wish I did.

Therefore the more visible your post are the more impressions you’ll receive resulting in a greater chance of people liking your post and visiting your Instagram profile. If you receive a high number of likes within a short period of time Instagram will suggest your profile more often than someone who doesn’t use tags or receive likes at all. Becoming noticed on Instagram isn’t just a popularity contest. There’s a mathematical algorithm at work as well.

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