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Independent cammodels can learn how to gain more exposure on Skyprivate by creating interactive profiles. We have a comprehensive guide on how to make your profiles standout and make more money with camshows. Skyprivate is a strongly recommended platform within the Boleyn Models daily pay network; and we encourage our models to sign up even if your shows aren’t performed 100% of the time on Skype. Their plugin runs in the background while you multi-task between. You can even use it while you’re live streaming on other camsites.

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Here’s What You Need To Do To Stand Out

  • Consistency is one of the most important things to focus on when striving for prime placement on Skyprivate. Those who show up more often at the top of their marketing pages are there because they are active on the platform. It’s recommended that cammers have at least 5 registered logins per week. The more active you are the greater your chances of being found on the website will be. This is how you’ll meet more members and perhaps a big spender.

  • The Avatar: When choosing an avatar to represent a profile, cammers should think about the message they want to convey to potential customers. This is your chance to make a first impression and also the first opportunity to entice them further. Here is an opportunity to provide customers with an idea of what a camshow with you will be like. It’s important to create an image that features your assets and kinks. If you’re into fetishist then show off what you provide. For example a Femdom may take this opportunity to show off her leather boots or a whip. Someone who’s more the girl next door type might choose to pose with a book and a sweet smile. Use this space to reel them in with a high quality photograph.

  • The More Pictures You Add The Higher Your Placement: Cammodels must upload at least 9 pictures to appear online from the profile page. Skyprivate recommends that performers have a range of professional photos with some selfies thrown in. The suggested number of photos to be added to your profile is 50. Although I do think that number is a bit high, I’m sure most cammers can find that many both in their camera roll and across multiple platforms. These photos do not need to be exclusive to Skyprivate at all.
Cammodel Tip: DON'T add all photos at once! Once you've uploaded the required 9 photos to your profile, stagger the rest. Add 1 or 2 photos each day you go live. Making edits to your profile will give you a visibility boost. 

  • Videos Teasers: You can import photos or videos that already exist in your Twitter account to your SkyPrivate profile. Please Note that this is the only way you can upload videos to your SkyPrivate account and you must have already linked it to Twitter. After that the first step is to go to Settings -> Public Profile -> Import Media and click the “Import from Twitter” button, as described in the following image:

skyprivate daily pay boleynmodels

Your video teasers can be as short as 15 seconds and shouldn’t be much longer than 20 seconds. The intended purpose is provide a sample of what you’re offering without giving too much away. 

  • Video Previews: Doing a 6 second video preview each day you login will give your profile a placement boost. Video previews can be recorded directly from the Skyprivate plugin and are automatically added to your profile page. It will take up to 15 minutes before they appear. You can remove this preview at any time by going to your video gallery to delete it.

  • Writing A Description For Your Profile: This is a very important step and should be where you show off your personality the most. Along with utilizing this opportunity to sell yourself the way you do is just as important. Use very descriptive words that are popular and what you think a customer would use when using the search option. Once you determine the best keywords that fit your services, try using each one at least three times in your description. This will make your profile even more searchable.  Check out these articles to find the most searched for words in the porn industry.  Create a persona that will provide visitors  with a better understanding of who you are. It doesn’t have to be 100% true but it should have an authentic vibe that will make you more approachable. In addition to writing about your favorite movies, music and foods; be sure to a camshow menu. This is also a great place to set your boundaries pre-camshow. 

  • Don’t Forget To Set Your Camshow Calendar: How will customers know when to find you if you don’t tell them?!? Let them know when you’ll be online next using the Skyprivate calender tool.  Customers can book a show with you through the calendar for a set time. Imagine starting your day with shows already booked. We love to see it!
  • Ratings: You need at least 10 ratings to have your rating displayed on your public profile. Models are encouraged to ask members for a five star rating, plus a positive review at the end of your show. You can even offer them an incentive like a free picture or one free minute the next time they do a show with you. 

  • Self Promotion: Be active on social media and let your followers know when you’re online.  If you’re using your referral link on Twitter or Instagram  you can earn an  extra 6% bringing your commission to 81%. If you’re a Boleyn Model the daily pay fee is waived when you sign up for Skyprivate. skyprivate daily pay boleynmodels

Twitter and Instagram are the two primary social media apps that many camgirls use to interact with their fan base therefore this will be the main focus of this article. Now that tweets are searchable in Google search engines, this makes it a powerful tool when it comes to metrics. This is especially noteworthy if you’re building a new website based on keyword rankings. If you aren’t already using social media platforms to extend your websites reach, well then you had better get on top of that. Googles ranking factors are changing and it’s going with real time results. One change that’s gradually coming into fruition, is how effective social media is when determining what sort of content is most favorable.  To learn more about self promotion take a look at How Camgirl Entrepreneurs Can Dominate Social Media




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