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This week on the Boleyn Models blog we decided to highlight two of the largest European camsites in our daily pay network. We partnered up with XLoveCam of France and Xmodels out of Switzerland several months ago and it’s with great pride that we’re able to accommodate more international cammodels. In addition to the European market both camsites are open to performer registration outside of the EU.  This means If you’re a North or South American cammodel looking for new eggs to add to your basket while receiving daily payments through our network, then please take a look at XloveCam and Xmodels!

First up let’s talk about XLoveCam and what this European camsite has to offer. When you’re a performer on this platform you have two different options for live streaming. Cammodels can choose to offer a free chat lobby while waiting for private shows or they can opt out of free chat all together by choosing to only stream in a pay to play scenario. Cammodels can choose per minute rates between € 1.00 to € 2.50 Euro per minute for both free chat and nude chat. However the streaming choice that you select will determine what percentage of customer spending you will earn.

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XLoveCam Payout Percentage For Cammodels Who Offer Free Chat:

  • If you are a independent cammodel or a company outside of the European Union, your payout percentage of all private shows will be 50% of customer spending. For example, if your private show rate is set to € 2.50 a minute ($2.82 USD), you will receive € 1.25 Euro per minute. You will NOT need to pay a VAT Fee.
  • If you are a independent cammodel or a company within the European Union with a VAT number, your cammodel payments will be 50% of customer spending and the Vat Fee will be reversed to the recipient.
  • Independent cammodels and private companies within the European Union who do not possess a VAT number, the payout percentage is 45% customer spending for each private show.

Please not that If you register for XloveCam through the BoleynModels Daily Pay network your payout percentage will be 5% less.

XLoveCam Nude Chat Payout Percentage For Cammodels:

Nude Chat is an option for cammodels who do not wish to offer Free Chat.

  • Cammodels who work independently as well as private companies residing outside of the European Union will receive a payout percentage of 35% of customer spending. For example if your nude chat per minute rate is to to  1.6 per min you will receive  0.56 per min private show without a VAT Fee.
  • If you are a performer or micro company within the European Union with a VAT number the payout percentage will be 35% of your Nude Chat earnings. The VAT will be reversed to the recipient
  • Private persons and micro companies residing within the European Union without a VAT number will garner 30% of Nude Chat earnings.

I would like to make a few points before I move on to the next camsite for this weeks highlight. European camsites are well known for placing a cap on the rates each model can charge per minute. For many models not being able to charge more than € 2.50 would be an immediate deal breaker. The upside of using a euro site is the large number of traffic that visits the site each and every month. Similarweb reports that XLoveCam receives around 9 million visits per month, not including all of their subdomains and affiliate sites. When you choose a site with this much traffic there’s a great chance that you’ll have more than one customer in a private show at once.

The Xmodels Network includes websites: EveLive, Cambabes, Xcams and Webcamsex.


XCams is a leading European camming site with tons of great features. Anyone (18+) can register as an XCamsmodel and make money live on cam. All genders are welcome to join. , plus couples accounts for those interested in performing with their boyfriend/girlfriends.

Xmodels has a large amount of both US and international traffic with over a 100,000 registered visitors.

  • All cammodels will earn 45% of customer spending in this platform. Models who bring in their own traffic via an assigned affiliate link can earn up to 30% more.
  • Xmodels offers you a personal URL  to promote yourself : https://’your_nickname’ Any visitor that uses this url to visit our website will give you extra payout on top of what you normally would normally get.
    Not only will you get 30% extra on the credits that visitors spend with you, but you also get 10% on the credits he spends with other models. This means you can earn money even when you’re not online!
  • Freechat: In freechat visitors can enter for free and start chatting with you for a limited time. By teasing the visitor you have to convince him to start a paying chat with you. You shouldn’t do hard shows in freechat but use this time to convince the visitor you are worth paying for.
  • Private chat: This chat is a paying chat, you earn money per minute you have a visitor in this chat. You can have more then one private chat visitor at the same time. If you have 3 visitors in the same minute then you earn 3 minutes in 1 minute. Private chat is a good way to make many minutes in a short time and entertain multiple visitors.
  • VIP chat: If a visitor wants your attention for him alone then he can invite you for a VIP chat. A VIP chat is a chat where you talk with just one visitor.  The visitor has to pay a higher price per minute if he wants to start a VIP chat with you.

For more information about joining one of these two sites please send an email to or reach out to us via Skype at BoleynModels.

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