Cyber Monday Deals For Cammodels And Streamers

Cyber Monday is only a few short hours away, and I’ve created a comprehensive list of deals for streamers and cammodels that’s sure to enhance your online business. First off if you’re in the United States, Happy Belated Thanksgiving! How did things go? Did you participate in the Pre-Black Friday festivities with a belly full of barely digested turkey, mac-n-cheese and maybe sweet potato pie searching for the deal of the century? Did you find it? My guess is no, no you didn’t. If you’re a cammodel or a streamer from the mainstream world, many of the best deals were released days before Black Friday both online and in stores. My intel reports say that a large number of products that were most appealing to tech enthusiast were under stocked and in some cases completely absent from major brick and mortar stores. We are now at the point where there is absolutely nothing you can not purchase online. In my opinion Cyber Monday has taken over, and I think it’s time we begin to call this monumental day what it clearly has become and that is Cyber Week For The Smart And Savvy.

While many were out shopping on Thanksgiving, I was at home slowly digesting my feast while enjoying a brand new Sony PlayStation 4. I was able to pick up my PS4 from Walmart an entire week before Cyber Monday for only $199. They usually go for $299 and not even the all mighty Amazon had it that low before Black Friday. Of course I being a longtime cammodel who relies on Amazon deals and services to help me maintain my cammodel business, I was still able to turn to them for all of my other much needed products.

  • First up to bat, both the Logitech C920 and C922 Webcam are on sale for only $44! logitech c920 webcam softwareThe Logitech C922 is still after all these years the number one webcam for cammodel streamers and the fact that it’s now so inexpensive says a few things to me:1. WOW! That’s really cheap, I better buy as many as I can while they’re at that price.
    2. WOW! That’s really cheap. Is the Logitech C920 about to be replaced by something greater, sending it into extinction?Either way I’m stocking up on this webcam beloved by so many.
  • Do You Know What An El Gato Stream Deck Is?elgato streamdeck cyber mondayThis product will save your life and help organize your streaming process. It’s a little macro keypad that you can use during live streams to quickly access all of your precious bookmarks. When you use the stream deck you no longer have to fumble through a thousand windows or folders searching for preset messages. You can send out real time tweets letting your followers know you’ve gone live while still interacting with your live audience. This doesn’t just work for gamers on Twitch or Youtube, it also works for cammodels as well. In fact I don’t just use mine while streaming live. For me it’s become a day to day thing.Currently The El Gato Stream Deck Is Going For $129 Or You Can Get The: Pro Streamer Bundle: Elgato Stream Deck and Elgato Camlink 4k For $259.94 For more info on ElGato and their many products take a look at our article on how to  Create Content On The Go With Camlink Plus
  • Have You Backed Up Your Computer Files Lately?I don’t know about you all but I’ve had several computers crash on me without warning. Not having my catalog of fetish clips, erotic mp3’s and written content backed up on an external hard drive sickens me to this very day. Do the right thing, bbs! Back up your content at all cost. Lucky for you several manufacturers are offering deep discounts for some of their best products.A Western Digital 4tb External Hard Drive Is Going For $89.99. That’s a really great deal considering I just recently picked up a Seagate External Hardrive Slim that could only hold 1tb of data for $54. While I did feel safe a few weeks ago making my purchase, I can’t help but feel a bit robbed after seeing these discounts for Cyber Monday.
  • Cammodel Lighting And Cyber Monday DealsHave you ever wondered how your favorite cammodel is able to achieve that ethereal glow long after their makeup has melted from their face? It’s probably a ringlight! And right now Neewer has a 18 inch dimmable ringlight with stand for $76.49. If you still want to save a few more dollars I believe you can pick up a 14 inch ringlight by the same brand for only $59.99.Ringlights aren’t the only luminators going on sale!Checkout The Philips Hue Light Strips! Both in White and Color. Oh! Don’t forget to checkout the fairy lights assortment on Amazon. The world of Cammodel Lighting has come a long way. I still say waiting for the day after Christmas to rack up on fairy lights is the best way to go.
  • Did you guys know that Logitech purchased the company who created both the Yeti and the Snowball Microphone? They sure did and now Blue Microphones are all on sale for Cypber Monday. Cammodels and Streamers shall be able to pickup a Blue Snowball Ice Condenser for the low price of $ yeti microphone cyber mondayIf you want to spend a little more you can purchase an actual “Blue” Blue Yeti Microphone for $89.99
  • This Next Part Is Strictly For The Cammers…Or Those Who Wish To Spoil Themjive we-vibe cammodels sextoysThe Jive By We-Vibe Is 20% off until November 29th! Enjoyable hands-free fun for for camshows that’s bluetooth operated and connects to the We-Connect™ app.Tighten up your kegels while you stream with Bloom also from We-Vibe The website says “Toning and strengthening your PC muscle increases blood flow to the muscles, enhancing sensations and making it easier to orgasm.” So basically you get to make money while toning your pc muscles and you get to have an orgasm? That’s the one right there! It too is currently 20% off and is an interactive sex toy that works with the We-Connect App.I’m going to leave you all with a few other tips and ideas you can utilize while searching for other Cyber Monday deals:
  • While shopping on Amazon, always use the mobile app. I’ve discovered that the app tends to show more discounted items than the desktop version.
  • I previously mentioned fairy lights for ambiance up top but what about backgrounds? There are so many gorgeous backgrounds for really low prices. They also come in a variety of materials like plastic and fabric. If you don’t see anything you like a at a fabric store try online.

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