Computer Maintenance For Cammodels

How long has it been since you’ve last thought about basic computer maintenance for your cammodel rig?  If it’s been more than six months then you should definitely keep reading this article.

computer maintenance cammodels

Buying a brand new computer can be intimidating for many people and not just for cammodels.  One of the major stresses revolves around not knowing if your initial purchase is good enough to meet all of your streaming needs or not?  I typically equate shopping for a computer to the research leading up to purchasing a car.  After all we are cammodels and we work from home. Essentially your computer is your ride to work and for that reason it needs to be maintained and reliable.  And just like owning a car, routine maintenance should be a major priority. Having a certain set of priorities regarding the upkeep of your computer can help save money in the long term. Think of these computer tips as though you were getting an oil change every 3,000 miles for your car, but instead it was something as simple as getting your computer cleaned.

How Often Should I Have My Computer Cleaned?

How often a streamer decides to clean their computer depends on several different factors. The most important factor when it comes to computer cleaning is how much air flow is allowed through your set up. Do you live in a dusty environment? Are you a smoker? If the answer is yes to either of those questions then you may need to clean your computer more often than most. I typically aim for an every six month cycle for my rigs especially the ones I use the most often. All computers have a built in fan that are meant to filter out dust and dander but if it has a weaker fan or poor circulation in your camspace, you may want to clean things out every three months.  If you don’t maintain your dust levels your computer will overheat and then self destruct. Clogged computer vents will cause your setup to run at slower speeds. If you have an older computer and want to preserve it for a bit longer consider this option. Especially if you’re using a laptop. You will be amazed at much lighter your laptop will feel once it’s been purged of all the nastiness inside.

  • Cammodel Tips For Keeping Your Computer Cleaned:
  1.  Using a can of compressed air can help rid your computer of unwanted dust if you know what you’re doing. If you’re not confident in your abilities to open up your computer and use compressed air to clean out dust, I suggest going to a computer repair shop and paying for it.  In my area the average price of cleaning dust from a computer is around $30. You of course can save money by doing it yourself with a can of compressed air that cost around $7, but if you don’t have a steady hand or the ability to put things back together properly you just might be causing more headaches than necessary.
  2. Avoid placing your computer near air conditioning vents. Look above and below before you decide on a location. Air conditioning units blow out and excessive amount of air pollutants and becomes exponentially worse when the unit isn’t maintained properly.
  • Use A Cooling Pad And Other Tools To Maintain Your Computers Temperature:
  1. Invest in cooling systems to prolong your computers high performance. If you’ve maintained your computers dust levels already then you can go a step further by purchasing a cooling pad. Models can purchase a cooling for as little as $15 and some may cost as much as $30. Most can be connected to your laptop via a USB connection as well as wall outlet.
  2. Upgrade your CPU fan. If you’ve purchased your computer straight out of the box, then you are most likely dealing with factory settings. CPU fans are standard and are not always the best choice in the long term. Consider an upgrade.
  • When Is The Last Time You’ve Done A Factory Reset On Your Computer?
  1. Setting your cammodel computer back to a factory reset should be a last resort if you’re running into tech issues. But sometimes a reset is a good thing if you want to renew an older computer. A reset isn’t always the result of a major technical issue and can be beneficial if you want free up some RAM while live streaming.
  2. There are two different factory resets that you can do for you computer. One will only remove software applications from your computer while leaving your personal files in tact. And the other will remove everything but the operating system. When you choose the latter both your apps and files will disappear while Windows restores your computer. Do NOT select this option if you haven’t backed up all of your files beforehand. Restoring your computer to factory settings can help with issues in the registry as well as removing unwanted viruses. A great way to back up your files is by using an External Hard Drive.

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