When Regulars Turn Into Freeloaders

There comes a time in every cammodel career when they may have to sever ties with a clingy regular and move on to greener less chaotic pastures. Sometimes the lines between online virtual services and real world relationships become blurred and over all messy. What we provide as cammodels can range from an online girl friend experience that provides each fan with a personal glimpse into our private lives, with tools like Snapchat or Twitter and other times not as personalized. But even when you may not offer an extended service built around 24 hour engagement, for some customers respecting boundaries becomes difficult. How long it takes to get the point where a fan requires more and more of your free time varies from experience to experience. For some fans it’s instantaneous causing some them to become so attached to their favorite cammodel that they turn into manipulators and become emotionally draining. This is when cammers should definitely put on the breaks and if possible cut them off.

How To Recognize The Signs Of A Manipulative Customer


It’s not always easy to recognize the signs of a manipulator or being able to accept that a one time favorite is now the reason you dread logging on. To be quite honest I think the moment you feel uneasy or apprehensive at the thought of interacting with a regular customer is when you should put on the breaks and think about why that is. What is it about your most recent encounters with this person that induces negativity and discomfort?

  • Sign No. 1 Instead of buying a show like usual, he says things like “I want to get to know the real you.”
  • Sign No. 2 He attempts to make you feel guilty because you charge for your time and services. “WOW you must be pretty hard up for cash if you can’t spend five minutes talking for free.” Do NOT fall for this. Most likely he’s the one going through a financial hardship. Otherwise he’d just buy a show like all of the other times.
  • Sign No. 3 He starts to make statements like “I care about you and if you were my girl you wouldn’t have to do this for money.” This person does not respect you. You either play the game to get the money or cut him off immediately. It’s not worth the mental terrorism that’s soon to come if you absorb this line of bs.

In previous situations I’ve had to end online communications with regulars who insisted on knowing the “real” me and demanded more and more of my free time. And let’s face it being a cammodel isn’t just about providing online sexual services but it’s about your personal time as well. So when I’m pressured to read soliloquies in my inbox begging for attention, I promptly remind them that as a cammodel there is no such thing as free time. Then I remind them where and how they can book me for a private camshow when I’m available. At times this has caused some to lash out in the face of rejection and behave like entitled little boys who only means of communicating is through insults or negging. Watching a grown man who once upon a time told me I was the most beautiful woman he’d every seen and willingly purchased camshows several times a month throw a tantrum in the form of hate mail is quite fascinating.

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