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By Pandora Desire

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When it comes to becoming a successful cammodel one of the most important aspects to our success is the ability that one possesses to fully engage her/his chatroom. It makes no matter if you are a new model trying to figure it out or a seasoned model who may have let things go a bit stale, there are several ways to which you can engage your chat room.

chatroom engagement
Just the other day on cam, a gentleman in my chat room said that I was full of energy even at my age, I turned fifty this year. I thanked him for the compliment, and went on to talk about other things before he took me for a private show. He was a new member for me, and I for one love getting those conversions. It also prompted me to think about my first days as a webcammodel, and how it was that I came to be known as a model that will engage her chat room. It started for me six years ago working on LiveJasmin. Before my first show I spent some time on the site to learn about it, and I happened upon a room that was just full of fun and conversation. That was the room of a very popular redhead on that site. I learned very much from watching her and without being a copy of her I used the idea of seduction for engaging my chat room, adding my own personal touch to it of course.

In addition, LiveJasmin at the time would not allow you to use a cell phone while entertaining in your live chat room. It was a great principle for me to implement, and I took that one with me as I started to entertain on Streamate. I know what you are going to say, it gets boring. Yes, I have been bored at times on cam, but I have sought to not appear bored, because looking bored will make you appear less appealing. As cammodels our position is a mixture of entertainment and sales, so it is in our best interest to educate ourselves on these topics just as we would for any other position are in.

cammodel chatroom engagement

Here are some of the techniques that I have found to be useful for the art of engagement in my chat room.
Move, I move around a great deal in my chat room. I have never been one to just sit there and stare at the screen. If you are able, move around be active, it will energize not only your room but yourself as well.

  • Play music, I play music from Pandora radio on a soft level and have different stations or play lists to choose from. Sometimes I try to match the genre of music to what I am wearing for the day, example would be when I wear my black fedora hat I usually play blues music to add to the ambiance.
  • Themed Days, you can really express your personality with this idea! Themes give you something to chat about. It might be Batman day, Naughty Nurse day, summer splash, winter wonderland, who’s your favorite Porn Star day, you get the idea. It will help keep members interested and chances are it will help you with the boredom that is sometimes felt.
  • Make the topic of your chat room interesting. If you choose not to put dollar amounts for what you charge for Ass, Tits, Requests or video incentives than consider other ways to seduce with words. I change the topic of my room with every day that I am online, often I like to find a quote about sex and set that as a topic, and it never fails to spawn a conversation.

To Perfect Chatroom Engagement, be sure to put an inviting smile on that lovely face of yours

Always address a person when they enter your room. I know this seems like a no brainer, however for many of us that are experiencing the many that pop in and out of our chat room, we get lax in this area of engagement. I should have named this the most important, because it is the first impression they will get of you. It is so easy to engage from there by asking how they are doing or where they are from. The answers provide you with ways in which you can use to turn on your charm, or your seduction. Have you ever heard the term it’s not what you say but how you say it? A sexy voice or a dirty mind can go a long way in winning a person over. And yes, even though we deal with trolls we need to remember that it is a real person on the other end of that chat. How would we like to be treated?

The Power Of Seduction In Our Everyday Lives By Chen Lizra


If you are having a bad day consider not getting on cam, many of our members look to us as an escape to a not so nice spouse. They look to us to cheer them up and make them happy. If you must get on cam when you are having a bad day you will want to employ the method of “fake it till you make it”, and usually that fake smile can become a genuine smile.
Integrate the use of props into your camshows

For quite some time I would do “pillow time” with an inexpensive pillow with skulls on it, that I purchased at Ross. I would use the pillow in front of my boobs without a bra, but with a thong on and move around in a seductive way. They came to love pillow time, and still ask about my pillow that members have named “skully”. I have used mirrors to entertain, and I have found this prop has been very successful. One popular model on Streamate uses props such as a stripper pole, and she offers Tarot Card readings. She also has used an exercise ball, as have I used the ball with great interest. When it comes to props you will want to get creative, implementing your own thing, because you know, no one really likes a copycat, being original will take you further and help you with your personal brand. tarot card cat
For me personally I have employed some basic standards that have served me not only in cammodeling, but in my vanilla career as an Advertising Sales Executive, with the utmost importance being “do on to others as you would have done to you”. Another has been to educate myself in my chosen field, it assists you in being the best you can be at what you are doing. Lastly, I always serve up a warm smile, genuine hello, love for my job, and a respect for human kind.
Here’s another wonderful resource from the  TedTalks series that you may find useful:
10 Ways To A Better Conversation By Celeste Headlee

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