Cardi B Will Perform Live At The AVN Awards

Now that the adult industry is getting ready for the AVN Award show in Las Vegas featuring Cardi B as the musical guest, pornstars and cammodel performers are gearing up to attend. This year’s AVN Awards will take place on January 26, 2019, at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

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For those of you who’re attending and are faithful readers of our cammodel blog here at Boleyn Models, are you truly ready to attend? Do you have the right sort of gear to make your trip a success? There will be lots of excitement and fun to be had, but of course you may be more concerned with things like promotional items to pass out to adoring fans and possible business prospects? However in addition to handing out marketing tools like business cards, branded travel kits and signed photos, what will you do to ensure you’re own safety and well being?

Allow me to share a few travel tips that can help keep you safe and avoid unnecessary mishaps while living it up among some of the best patrons that the adult industry have to offer.


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Should I Carry Cash When I Travel And If So What Should I Do With It?

When traveling one of my favorite items that I like to use is a wrist band that can double up as a wallet as well. If you have plans to go to either the Xbiz Awards or the AVN Awards next week and still haven’t prepared for safety it’s not too late to pick one of these up. There are several different wrist wallets, money belts and underclothes pouches to choose from that can be delivered within two days if you have Amazon prime. Now when you use something like a wrist wallet obviously it’s not very discreet and you may not want to stuff it with all of your personal items. I personally like to use it for ease of access and as a decoy in case I were to be approached by a mugger. Use it as a dummy wallet. Only place a small amount of cash that you may use to purchase snacks and refreshments at the events. But the real trick is to use something less revealing for more important things like id’s and credit cards stashed away in a underclothes money pouch. These tend to be more streamlined than your typical fanny pack and more obscure. You can even order money pouches that are’nt only small enough to fit inside your bra, but can be attached to a bra strap as well.

Maybe the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t have a safe for it’s guest and clearly a full sized money safe isn’t something you’d want to carry around anyways. But there are really great travel safes that you can use instead that can travel along with you. Think about using a Pacsafe Travel safe that comes with a combination lock and can be secured to fixtures inside your hotel room or in the trunk of your car. Because of the stainless steel wire mesh material it can help prevent cutting and slashing. It’s a good idea to have something like this to store personal information like copies of your id’s, travel insurance, boarding passes and additional cash. Also most travel safes are TSA friendly.

Pro Tip For Travelers: Keep a copy of your ID’s stored online. This way if you were to lose your physical id you can assess a copy from an email or hosting account also known as the cloud.

What Should I Do With My Smart Phone?

If you’re anything like me or the other 2.6 billion smart phone users world wide, you most likely can’t live without your phone. Almost every activity involves using an app, bluetooth and of course selfies. And because the purpose of your trip is to go to an adult industry award show so you can meet fans and other cammodels it’s only to be expected that you’re going to want to take lots and lots of pictures. So the question still remains, should I take my smart phone with me? Well, you don’t exactly have to bring the same phone that you use on a day to day basis. The same phone that’s collected all of your personal data including passwords, nudes and family contacts. You can always get a throw away phone just for this special occasion and use it mostly to take quick selfies at various events. The one downside to this option is that not all prepay phones come with high quality cameras. So this may not be the best option for some people but if you were thinking about going out to get a smart phone just in time for the Xbiz Awards I would suggest picking up the LG Aristo.  That particular phone is going for only $49 at Metropcs and has a 5mp front facing camera with 13mp in the rear, not too shabby.

And if you absolutely must use that ultra expensive IPhone or Samsung Galaxy, for the love of God get a phone case or pouch designed for anti-tracking and anti-spying situations that can protect your contents. You can even purchase underclothes pouches made from anti-tracking materials to keep your phone safe.

Quick Travel Tips For Cammodels

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  • Tracking devices are useful for keeping tabs on your checked luggage when it’s out of sight. But they can also alert you when you become separated from valuables such as your phone or wallet. Examples are TileMateFindX and you can even get things like Smart Luggage that comes with it’s own built in technology that can help you track your luggage where ever you may go.
  • If you’re driving never leave anything of value in plain sight. Try a safe for the trunk. Or even try a travel safe that can be tethered to strong and sturdy fixture inside your hotel room.
  • If it’s a short stay place the do not disturb sign on your door. Now housekeeping will bypass your room. This is not to say that all housekeepers are thieves with unscrupulous morals but at least they can be ruled out if something were to go missing. Besides if it’s only a three day stay do you really need your bed made every single day? And if having a fresh towel each day is a priority you can get them yourself from the front desk.
  • Don’t break out a map in public. If you must use a map do so before you leave your hotel room. And try to do the same as well when it comes to using maps on your smart phone. Constantly looking down at your phone in confusion will give the impression that you are lost and unsure of your surroundings. These are the sort of things that scammers look for.

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