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It’s been just over one year since Stripperweb the longest running sex worker forum was suddenly shut down. Even a year later many of us including myself a former moderator still don’t understand why it happened? During Stripperweb’s last days online the entire community was in complete shock before scrambling to come up with a solution to save the 2000’s styled website from distinction. There were so many questions that ran through my mind and one question in particular was WHO TF OWNS STRIPPERWEB??? Sadly after seven years moderating the busiest sub-forum Cammodel Connection, I wasn’t any closer to the truth at the end than I was when I first signed up in 2009. However because I was a moderator for seven years I was well versed on all the patriarchal bureaucrap that went down behind the scenes.  As a result and long before Stripperweb closed it’s doors I decided to create CammodelWeb as an alternative. 

Excerpt From 2018

“There’s a new cammodel forum just recently launched in the community and it’s for everyone. Despite the name CammodelWeb is an online community for all members of the adult industry. It’s not just a camgirl forum because Cammodelweb is open to strippers, phone sex operators and industry representatives. It’s a well organized forum and created by a 12 year veteran in the adult entertainment industry and a Boleyn Model Representative. Visitors can trust that the content of the site comes from trusted members in the cammodel community. It’s been growing with new content each day for the past six years.  Checkout Cammodelweb for the latest news and updates that can help you improve your adult business. Members will be able to enjoy a fully interactive chatroom only visible to logged in members as well as a performers only section for vetted experts. Adult performers from all sectors of the industry can come together on CammodelWeb to discuss hustle tips and get insight from the industry.”





Before it closed down in 2023 I started to retrain my focus on building up Cammodelweb as a Stripperweb alternative. As the end date drew closer and closer I and several others went about the task of transferring content to new platforms as well as getting decades old information archived on The Way back Machine. To this very day I still have an entire hard drive dedicated to restoring all of the communities efforts, plus the behind the scenes drama that shaped the way the forum was ran. While there was a SuperMod, it appears that she had very little “super powers” at all. In the end she was nothing more than an empty shill who stood in for a silent owner who had zero interest in the progression of Stripperweb. After numerous attempts to update the site and attempts to silence the disrespectful trolls who ridiculed actual sex workers each and every day, Stripperweb’s secret owner decided to silence the voices that built the 20 year old community instead. 

Stripperweb is closed cammodelweb

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