Pro Tips For Cammodels And Using Mobile Apps

When my webcam suddenly perished last month, it was at the most inopportune time. I had just opened my first clip store, and I was milking my front page status as much as I could. My laptop camera takes pictures that look like I’m holding a dusty sock in front of the lens. So I decided to experiment with my android phone and document both the process and results. My end goal was only to make enough for a new webcam (the Logitech c920 which can be bought for as low as $45 online). My current phone is a Samsung J3, the front facing camera takes 720p content in excellent lighting, and 1080p content with the rear-facing camera.

The first step I took was to record a few clips I could upload from my phone. I decided to make them very niche, fetish-based clips that would fit well in the “amateur” category but still be front page worthy. The easiest clip I began with was a foot video, it was easy to shoot with my rear-facing camera and it only took a few minutes of prep. The end result was a 05:19sec “GFE Footjob” clip that clocked in at 656.51 MB. I downloaded an app called “Video Compress” from the Google Play store. The app itself is very user friendly, once you open it there is a list of all your current content on the device. I was able to compress my file from 656.51MB to 799.0KB in about 5 minutes. The finished clip was not altered or edited in it’s content, only altered to a smaller size to make it easier to upload. The app also has the ability to cut your video, rotate, fast forward, play, and even extract MP3. I saved the smaller file on my phone, but it also gives you the option to Share Video through various other programs.

create mobile content

Adult content sites: Manyvids, Clips4sale, MFCShare, and iWantClips each allowed me to upload the compressed version of this footjob clip within a few minutes at my local wifi hotspot. I was then able to create preview GIFS, content tags, and even pricing info from my phone. The entire process from start to finish was about 30 minutes per clip. That may seem a bit long and tedious compared to clip creation via laptop/webcam but for my simple compression/upload process on my phone it was a breeze. I then decided to put my phone through a more rigorous test and “live cam”.

mobile live streamingTo start I begin researching mobile browsers Puffin and Dolphin to determine which would be  the best option.  Because of the slightly better views I decided to focus primarily on Dolphin. The download process took about 5 minutes at my local hotspot ( a coffee shop nearby that allows free access). Once I downloaded the app I opened my main broadcasting site” and was able to not only login and see my settings but also broadcast! Success slightly tainted by my rather “public” atmosphere. I attached my phone to a selfie stick and went outside. My main goal at this point was to drive traffic to my new content.

I had previously typed up a topic that explained my beta mobile status and also explained I’d be unable to respond to PM’s. To my surprise my fans loved it! They were eager to take me and my selfie stick out into the world, and as long as I could see what they typed and respond with my voice they were happy! I ended my broadcast with 853 tokens and two clip sales, ultimately meeting my goal for a new webcam.

How To Create Mobile Content On The Go

1.) Natural lighting makes even the “worst” camera take brilliant pictures and record video content for clip sites. 

2.) Investing $8-$12 in an SD card frees up your phone to create, capture, and broadcast as much as you’d like! I bought a 32GB Micro SD card with adapter for only $9.99 online.

3.) Don’t be afraid to try and tinker with different apps. The Dolphin app worked amazing for my live stream. But a week later I tested Puffin and found it a bit more user friendly in terms of being able to type responses instead of only verbally responding.

4.) Sample niche, fetish based clips that are easily recorded with your rear-facing camera. Use your imagination and the sky’s the limit on what you can create for your fans to consume! My most recent comment on a phone uploaded clip was “wow it felt like i was watching something my gf sent me. very erotic to see behind the scenes”

5.) Allow at least one week for results to pour in. If I had given up the first night after uploading all my new content with no response I’d have failed. A solid two week timeline kept me active and prepared for the influx of comments and credits.

6.) Lay your eggs in multiple baskets! Most clip sites allow electronic signing. Meaning you can sign up and upload your content within a few hours of being admitted. The only clip site I had to manually print something for was Clips4sale, and even then I only printed the first page since that is all they require you to sign (80 cents saved, 10 cents paid!). Upload your content to as many sites you can keep track of! Chances are they will all get hit at one point. 

7.) Maximize your “Newbie Status” by being online or uploading new content every day. Some sites allow you to “queue” your content so that it releases a new clip every day over the course of a week. I made sure one clip would come out every day per site. And that ended up allowing my twitter followers to see each clip more than once without the “spam” effect of releasing them all at once.

8.) If you don’t have newbie status, research your site’s high traffic hours and upload only during those times. Some sites like Manyvids will show your new uploads on their front page! Allowing for maximum exposure and traffic to your content. For more information on how to determine when it’s best for you to upload content or even live stream check out PornHub Insights 2019: Year In Review.

Current Sites Within The Boleyn Models Daily Pay Program That Offer Mobile Streaming:

You can easily start your cam business from a mobile phone with a decent wifi connection. If you simply apply the same techniques you’d use for a “normal” upload or broadcast you will be able to not only launch your career in this industry but also sustain it when the minor problems arise. So there is no need to panic when there are so many different ways to get the money. These tips can also be utilized if you’re a cammer going home for the holidays or living at home in a temporary situation. Even now during the current covid-19 pandemic some cammodels may find themselves with less space and privacy for work than before. 


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