#ShitGuysSayToCamgirls Ep. 6 With Jessica Jade

Fosta, Fosta and more FOSTA!!!! It’s every where and because there’s no escaping it…we may as well talk about it! Listen as I talk with cammodel JessicaJade from CammodelDirectory about the current state of affairs in Camland.  If you’re a cammodel or play any role in the adult industry I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act. It’s a bill that recently passed by both the United States Senate and the House Of Representatives and it passed with overwhelming support from both major parties here in the US. on March 21st, 2018. For many of us cammodels who most likely will become affected by the law, the anticipation of not knowing what’s going to happen has been overwhelming. If you combine the fear of the unknown with some of the misinformation circling the internet right now, you may have noticed a heightened sense of hysteria occurring while some adult performers attempt to figure it out.


It stands for the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and is a joint proposal that stems from SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) originally introduced on August 1st, 2017. So basically going forward websites and online platforms are now liable for civil wrongs committed by their online users, even if the website was not directly involved in the offending content. And as a result lots of new changes are happening in sex worker communities all over. For instance popular websites like Craigslist decided to shut down their dating/personals section and just this past Friday, Backpage another popular site was seized by the United States government and charged once again for facilitating sex trafficking.  Both sites were extremely popular among escorts who used the site to screen and find potential clients. But escorts weren’t the only ones who would use dating sites to find clients. Lots of cammodels used craigslist and backpage as well for online camming sessions and that is 100% legal. Also caught up in the cross hairs of the Sesta/Fosta Bill are consenting adults looking for companionship sans a financial agreement. The way in which the current bill is written has been argued by many that it’s a violation of our first amendment rights and should be appealed.

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Additionally many websites are deciding to shutdown completely for fear of being held liable the activities that take place on their platforms, because no one is exactly sure how to effectively police the activities of the users on their websites. Other companies have began to make changes to their terms of service with the hopes of distancing themselves from online sex workers, even though we cammodels built their platforms up to what they are today. Right now Microsoft seems to be the company that’s causing the biggest headache for cammodels because of their most recent update stating that they will start enforcing their no obscenity rule starting on May 1st. What’s that mean for cammers who use Skype? Will Discord become the next best thing? How many other Skype Alternatives are there? I know it’s a lot to take in all at once. But what’s most important is that we all stay calm and focused during these times of uncertainty.

If you wanna keep your wits about you and maintain a positive vibe so you can get to the money, you’re gonna want to listen to this podcast!


For more information about this weeks guest JessicaJade you can visit her website found here www.jessicajade.live

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