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One of the many questions that’s frequently asked by cammodels in regards to accepting online payments, mostly “baby cammers”, is can I use PayPal to sell camshows? And no matter how often this question is asked and answered, nor the numerous articles written about PayPal and the adult industry, the answers given seem to evade the minds of many cammodel performers in camland. So now after years of being an online performer who’s shared her own struggles with PayPal, that ultimately led to a permanent ban;  I have now come to the conclusion that most models know that PayPal is a no no for adult,  but are willing to risk it anyways.  I believe,  that they believe that PayPal’s assured ban for sex workers can be avoided.

BUT just in case you’re new to camland and collecting online payments for adult services and genuinely oblivious to the arbitrary rules set in place by internet merchants like WePay and PayPal.. consider this article your wake up call. And for those who do know about the back and forth drama between cammodels and said services, this will just be a refresher course going over the hypocrisy of PayPal.

paypal bans cammodels


And if you’re still unconvinced that PayPal isn’t a viable option for sex workers, here are a few more reasons:

  • Reason No. 1: They will freeze your account and all of the funds in it. Best case scenario PayPal will hold your hard earned money for up to 180 days before releasing the amount to your banking account. In some cases you’ll never see the money earned because they will reverse the amount, returning it the sender.  And the worst case scenario is how PayPal may take legal action against you to recover losses in excess of $500. Yup! If you’re found guilty of using their services for adult content they can fine you per their terms of service.
  • Reason No. 2: They are sneaky thieves with arbitrary rules who refuse to clearly define what is considered as “adult content”.  Even in detailed situations where people have gained permission in writing to accept donations that involved fringe activities. Things like fundraisers for sex worker speaking engagements, or in my case building websites for online performers, they will still ban you later on down the road. It’s only a matter of time and when it does happen you most likely will not be prepared.
  • And Reason No. 3: Using PayPal for adult services can be very very dangerous:

Yes, from the PayPal BB’s to the Tumblr BB’s I’ve seen a rise in the number of models willing to take the chance and use it for adult purposes. But what’s most troubling are the number of models who aren’t even using PayPal business accounts where placing your real name can be avoided. Some will even have the actual paypal email address listed in their profiles and webpages.

FUN FACT: Did you know that PayPal uses Google to search for “suspicious” activity? Yea, that’s how they get ya!

Now before this turns into an article on how to cheat the system,  let me point out that there are adult alternatives for receiving online payments for cammodels and clipmakers. We now have options like IndieBill created with online performers in mind. They even cover charge backs in exchange for a 15% fee. That’s an 85% payout that comes with a peace of mind unlimited hosting, plus a customized storefront to show off all of your adult services.  IndieBill actually cares and they are also a part of the Boleyn Models Daily Pay Network. In addition to IndieBill we also have other platforms designed for Independent Cammodel Performers like: CamModelDirectory And SkyPrivate.  Now if after all of this … you’re still determined to use PayPal for adult transactions, then I will leave you with these final words spoken by a very wise lady:

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