Cammodels vs The Affiliates

In addition to using social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, most marketers have websites where they host blogs with adult content. If you’re a cammodel who’s able to able to make connections with a major affiliate there’s a very big chance that they may feature you and link to your chatroom on their website. Every affiliate has a favorite model to promote. Why not become one of those models? It’s true you can definitely create your own website and social media campaigns to drive your own traffic to you chatroom, ( actually some camsites will payout a higher percentage to those who do) but strengthening the relationships between cammodels and affiliates is a win win situation for everyone involved. Models are happiest when there are actual members in their chatrooms to interact with and convert.

Who Are The Cammodel Affiliates And How Do I Find Them?

Once an affiliate sees that a model is open to collaborating they are more likely to keep pumping traffic into that persons chatroom. In some cases affiliates aren’t getting paid until a cammodel converts the traffic into a paying customer. This is definitely a relationship where one is directly dependent on the other. If you’re wondering where you can find adult marketers, you can find them on message boards like and; Xbiz is a private forum and requires approval before access is granted, however is open to the public but you will not be able to post any comments or questions until you’ve signed up for the site.

Another way to find out who the top promoters are is by searching Twitter. Take a look at your favorite cammer and observe how often they’re retweeted and shared across social media platforms. You can even use the search option to find this out by typing in the cammodels Twitter or Instagram handle like this @cammodelname. In the results you will be able to see all of the accounts that have shared that models content on their own accounts and if there was an affiliate link used in the process. Create a list of all of the promoters you find and do a cross-reference by following the links in their bio. Most likely this will take you to their primary domain for showcasing porn stars and online performers like cammodels.

Once you’ve landed on an adult marketers website take note of things like how professional the website looks and if they are crediting models by name. Typically I avoid any affiliate that only uses a website watermark vs the individual name of the model featured. For me it’s understood that they may not want to risk the chance of loosing sign ups due to visitors clicking off to find the model directly, but still if you’re going to use my image at least tell them my name. Some do. Some don’t. This I feel will determine whether or not a model will cooperate with an affiliate and their marketing campaigns.

Now that you’ve seen the look and feel of an affiliates website and know who they are, it’s time to go back to the message boards and pay attention to the way they express themselves in regards to cammodels. Over the years I’ve seen many marketers shoot themselves in the foot by berating and talking down to models on internet forums by not respecting us as business partners. These are the ones you will want to avoid. There are better marketers out there who understand that we have to work together if they want to use our quality content for promoting and expect cammodels to convert sent traffic as well.

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