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Cammodels Can Learn How To Raise Their Rates With Suggestive Selling Plus Up-Selling Techniques. 

Someone recently asked the question “Now that it’s Summer time (the slow season) should I lower my cammodel rates?” When it comes to the topic of deciding on what an individual charges per camshow, per phone session or digital downloads should be regarded as a very intimate choice. A choice that only they should have control over.  Of course asking for feedback from adult performers in camland is a wise decision that can help one come to their own conclusions on whats best for them before settling in. Some models when entering the industry fall under the impression that they should start out with rock bottom prices until they become more experienced, and once they get a few shows under their belts then they’ll be able to raise their rates sky high. I can tell you with 100% confidence that the idea that new cammodels should charge lower rates is a total misconception and in addition, is completely unnecessary for even veteran adult performers.

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Because what is expensive and what isn’t is a correlation of one’s own perspective and life experiences answering this question can be very difficult. But I will attempt to simplify things by using $4.99 a minute as a baseline price point. Based on data obtained from the Boleyn Models cammodel studio,  $4.99 is the absolute lowest per minute rate that any cammodel should set if they wan’t to achieve success in this industry.

“Cammodels who charge higher rates tend to stay on longer than those who don’t. We’ve come to the conclusion that those who charge more work longer because they actually love what they do and feel that it’s worth it to stay on.” – Will (Boleyn Models)

The placebo in this scenario involving higher rates is that these cammers believe whole heartedly that being more expensive will lead them towards a greater reward and help them to accomplish their goals.

Even if you’re uncomfortable with charging rates upwards of $9 a minute for your personal camshows it’s possible to use other sales and marketing techniques to help yourself achieve a greater payout.  Sometimes it may be smarter to give the illusion of lowering prices while actually increasing them with add on sales techniques. If you’re afraid of scaring off your customer base for fear of abandonment once you’ve begun to raise your rates, this may be something you’d like to try.

Example On How To Use Up-selling Techniques As A Cammodel 

  • Lower your per minute rate while increasing the price of a custom video. Or drop your per min rate and offer a recorded video of the show you just performed but include an add on price for that option. Be sure to charge a substantial fee for the recorded show. If the customer declines your add-ons  then be sure to let them know that the per min rate for a show is back at its regular price. At this point you can even inflate the rate. This is comparative to what internet service providers do with cable bundles plus home phone services.  upselling for cammodel tips

About two years ago I started making deals with my big spenders where they would give me large amounts up front instead of $50 here then another $100 there after.  My general intention for creating this opportunity for my customers was to  help me prepare for what I thought would be the summer slump. But surprisingly I realized after doing this the slump never came. I made out with more money than any other summer before!

Now I do have my rates listed but the addition of upselling and offering “bundles”, my payouts are much greater than the listed price.  And every now and again it does work out where they really are getting a discount, but in those instances I don’t mind because having the money already in the bank eases the pressure of having to hit goals.

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These sales tactics can work for both vanilla shows and also in the fetish realm. The only requirement really is that you obtain the belief that it will work. Its all in the way you make the approach that creates a scenario where they too believe that this is what’s best for them.  And this brings me to the topic of cammodel engagement because it’s important for cammers to understand that not every interaction will be sexual in nature nor lead to a direct sale. Sometimes they just want to talk to build rapport before they jump right in. Please don’t become discouraged if this doesn’t work for every customer that comes along. You’ll just have to feel them out and work on suggestive selling techniques. Voice inflection mixed with intonation plus seductive body language are wonderful tools. Learning more about this process can help you become more engaging with live streaming and offline marketing.

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