Cammodels And The Neon App For Streamate

Streamate is still working hard to utilize cammodel feedback via their onsite surveys and social media accounts. Now that they’ve gathered all of the input one of the many tools requested from streamatemodels is the ability to live stream directly from a mobile device. Streamate has discovered an app that will work with their current platform. Right now it’s only available for IOS but it’s possible that they may have plans to offer the app for Android in the future. Personally I’m a bit surprised they didn’t offer it on Android first because based on previous information their platform is not nearly as difficult to get approved. But we shall see how things turn out. Hopefully the more people start to use the app created by Riser, LLC they may take a second look and introduce it to Android as well. Or Streamate could financially invest in it’s development? This is one more thing to add to Streamate’s Growing List Of Innovations:Offline Tipping. 

Other camsite platforms have had mobile streaming for some time now, including: SkyPrivate, Cam4, ImLive and most recently Camwithher. And also it should be noted that there are several mobile applications that cammodels can use independently of all major camsites, like Camazee. With Camazee you can add it to your personal website as well.

neon live streamate

This is the information directly from the itunes store and as of yet it hasn’t received enough ratings to display a summary. I’m sure as more and more cammodels download the app and attempt to live stream on Streamate, this will change. We cammodels do tend to be a very opinionated group who also possess a unique knowledge base overflowing with technology and marketing plans. Tech companies would be wise to interact with us more and work towards creating products and services that can effect mainstream as well as adult. Cammers already know what the next best thing is, we just need people who are willing to listen. Tech isn’t just for the gamers. Many of us are gamers, coders and … (Don’t Get Me Started 🙂 )
According To Streamate This is What Neon Live Streaming Is All About:

Neon Live Streaming is an iOS app that lets you send a video stream to compatible streaming services. The app is still being developed, but it has all of the basics to try out a mobile stream. We put together the steps you’ll need, and some tips for getting the smoothest experience.

Download Neon Live Streaming

mobile streaming streamate

Click here, or search for “Neon Live Streaming” in the iOS app store to find it. The app is free to use. Install it to the iOS device you want to use for streaming.

Please note: Neon Live Streaming allows you to stream adult content, but is not an adult-focused app. To keep their store page family friendly, we ask that you don’t leave ratings mentioning adult sites or adult content. If you have any feedback or issues, follow the steps at the bottom of this page to submit feedback directly from the app.

To get the full rundown on how to set up Neon Live Streaming for Streamate visit their blog and you can also view this video below.

Update November 16, 2018: A New Version Of The Neon App For IOS Has Been Released! 

There’s a new version of the Neon Live Streaming iOS app available now! Click here to view it in the iOS app store.

This update cleans up more of the interface to make Neon easier to use. Streamate had updated the Neon Live Streaming help page with a guided tour of the app, so check it out if you have any questions. You can also contact us with questions or feedback.

If you’re an Android user, Streamate is still working on another exciting update for mobile streaming. Stay tuned!

Recent Update For Android Users And Mobile Streaming 12/21/18:
streamate mobile streaming neon

Visit the Neon Live Streaming help page found on your Streamatemodels dashboard for important information. Once you’ve reached the article regarding the Neon App you’ll be able to receive a tour. After you’ve installed it, be sure to follow the instructions on how to connect to the StreamateModels web overlay. This will allow you to log in, begin streams automatically, and manage your chat room.

Both the IOS and Android versions look and feel the same, but the Ios version does have a few more options in the settings menu. It won’t be long before the Android version will have the same tools. Stay tuned!

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