Next Step in Affiliate Marketing

colorful-lines-with-application-icons_1134-51Once you have built up at least 3 out of the 5 pillars, you’re ready now to start with real affiliate marketing.

There are two directions to which you can go with affiliate marketing. It depends on your intentions.

You can end up making a full-time income with just affiliate marketing and becoming a webmaster.


Or You can continue to be a cam model and keep growing your cam model endorsements and brand by utilizing the Streamate & Cambuilder white label program.

You’ll notice that when you start talking about affiliate marketing, a lot of eyes start glazing over. It’s actually an old system around since 1989 on the internet and a very broad term that describes the effort of bringing customers to a product they will most likely buy and if they do, you get a share of the profits.

As an affiliate marketer, there are two basic ways of building a passive income.

You can pay for it, or you can generate organic traffic.

Paying for it is usually faster but requires an investment upfront. Generating organic traffic can be done very cheaply or even with no money.

socialYou generate organic traffic through social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Periscope, and SnapChat.

Facebook and Pinterest are not recommended outlets because of the stricter adult content enforcements and the risk of being outed to your real life contacts.

Where do you start?

woman-using-digital-tablet-in-cafe_1170-701First of all, as a cam model, you have an advantage over those who are just webmasters. With your brand, you can create your own system of multiple streams of income.  Those streams work together so you make money faster. Where as a webmaster starts out with nothing. By now you probably have your own domain/website through ModelCentro, IndieBill, or your own hosted site. Each has its own strengths.

With ModelCentro, you have almost complete control over your content and how it looks, and with their built-in templates, you’ll have a great-looking, professional website in a couple of hours, that you can update at any time.

As well, ModelCentro has it’s own affiliate marketing program for webmasters so traffic is being generated for your domain especially if you can provide your webmasters with promotional material however, they do take more of a percentage over IndieBill.

IndieBill will build a site for you so you have less control over how your site looks and you can’t really update your own site on the fly but that might be just fine for you.

logo-200x60Both are with the BoleynModels network so you can get daily pay. Hosting your own site gives you complete control but it’s time-consuming, labor-intensive, and requires you to come up with your payment processor.

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