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After you’ve decided to create an online business as a cammodel, you may find that privacy and discretion can be two of the hardest things to maintain. It’s not impossible to achieve anonymity as a cammodel on the internet but in order to achieve this you will need to take the proper precautions to protect your true identity. Although webcammodeling is becoming more and more popular every day, many still choose to keep their sexy online personalities separate from mainstream society. One major purpose for keeping your cammodel career private is to have a certain level of safety and the ability to hide your where abouts while performing online. Also by keeping an eye on what sort of information you share with customers and mobile applications you will give yourself a greater chance of preventing your two words from combining. Reading this article will give you a better understanding of how to separate your virtual self from your actual self. And not only as a sexworker but as a citizen who has a right to privacy.

Turn Off Geotagging On Your Camera

It’s no secret that visual images are a wonderful tool when selling sex to consumers. Teasing cammodel snapshots of boob selfies and upskirt pics are shared daily accross multiple social media platforms. The purpose of doing so is to entice customers into following a link to the models chatroom where eventually they may spend money. Not a bad method. But the thing to keep in mind is every picture has metadata embedded in its code. This code is also known as EXIF: Exchangeable Image File and can store information such as date and time. If you’re using a mobile device with geotagging enabled to take pictures then EXIF data can store information like your location as well. This becomes a problem when your webcammodel persona lives in the Midwest but in actuality you live in the American South. Let’s say one of your viewers decides to snoop around for the sake of “boredom”, they may find your true where abouts by researching the geotags within your photos. You can avoid this by turning off the location tag within your camera settings. turn off geotaggine Also Twitter and several other apps including Tumblr have an option to turn on your location per post. Don’t Do it!

Do Not Use The Same Pictures

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Now that you know how to disable Geotagging on your cell phone device one other thing to be aware of is reverse image searching. With the help of Google and similar sites like Tineye and Matchengine people can now see where and how often an image is posted. If you decide to use the same image from your personal Facebook account on a cammodel profile a reverse image search will reveal this. Anyone who does a search on your model pics will now have a link back to your private life and personal contacts. This is why it is important to use separate pictures on your cammodel profiles from your mainstream accounts. But if you just can’t help yourself and really need to use that cute bikini pic from your last vaction, then at least create a jpeg from a screenshot of the original picture. This will remove all of the metadata and the ability to do a reverse search on the picture.

Facebook Is Not Your Friend. Should Cammodels Use It?

This website is notorious for tracking its users activity and sharing their findings accross multiple social media platforms. But because of it’s popularity it’s almost impossible to not use it. Facebook has a way of outing cammodels by making suggestions on who to follow. There are some models who use a second Facebook account to promote their sexworker profile under their performers name. And despite using two separate accounts under different names Facebook outed them by suggesting the adult profile to members on their mainstream account. These instances have occurred even when the model used different pictures on both accounts. My suggestion is to not use Facebook on your phone at all. Don’t download the app or use a link to visit the site while using your mobile device. In fact I go as far as to use separate browsers when visiting Facebook on my desktop. I use one browser for intacting with family and friends and a second and third browser for all other cammodel activities. This way I can maintain that the data also known as cookies are not shared from browser to browser. What happens in Firefox stays in Firefox.

More Information On Facebook And Their Latest Update Regarding Facial Recogniton

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Just like Facebook, Instagram also uses an algorithm that will suggest who you should follow based on the devices you use and if you link other accounts. If you’re not careful Instagram may suggest people from your mainstream accounts on your adult content account. One more reason to not use Facebook on your phone. Also Instagram and many other social media apps will ask permission to link to your phone contacts and find Facebook friends. DO NOT give them permission to do this. I would also suggest that you do not sign up for social media accounts on your mobile device at all.

Use A Desktop Vs. A Smartphone When Signing Up For Social Media Accounts

One thing to avoid when you sign up for sites like Twitter and Instagram on your desktop is giving the app your phone number. Usually during the intial sign up is when apps ask for certain permissions. Placing a phone number on your account is one of them. The most common type of permissions that apps ask for involve giving the app access to a smartphone’s Internet connectivity and full network access.In order to find out what privacy rights you are giving up or what sort of data you are sharing you can access your app settings. Here is where you can turn off individual permessions per application.

Using Multiple Devices

In addition to using different browsers on your desktop, a quick and simple way to stay safe online is by getting a second mobile device. Previously I a used IPodTouch to maintain my online adult business and then recently I picked up an LGAristo to handle my adult campaigns. Now I have several mobile devices each with it’s very own lifestyle. This way I don’t have to worry about my social media accounts connecting to my contacts or linking my accounts.

Do Not Use The Same Email Address

Most applications including Facebook have a search option using your email address. You can access your privacy setting and turn the ability to be found via your email address off apps like Facebook,Tumblr and Twitter. However this does not protect you from being found via a google search with your email address if you post it online. A great number of cammodels have personal webpages and blogs used to advertise themselves. Often times you will see an email address added as a form of contact. Do not use the same email that you use for friends and family that you would use for your sexy online profiles. For example mainstreamjayne@gmail dot com should never be used when signing up for your sexworker Facebook,Instagram and twitter accounts. Create a new email just for the xrated stuff.


A Quick Recap Of Our Cammodel Internet Safety Tips:

  • Disable Geotagging On Your Phone
  • Don’t Use The Same Pics: Beware of Reverse Image Search
  • Turn Of Location/GPS in your phone. Turn Of Location/GPS in each app
  • Don’t Use Facebook on your phone.
  • When Signing Up For Social Media Accounts Use A Desktop First!
  • Don’t Use The Same Email Address Everywhere.
  • Use Multiple Devices To Separate Your Adult Sites From The Mainstream.
  • Obtain Private Registration When Purchasing A Domain Name. gives it to you free for the first year.
  • How to explain what you do for a living without revealing the truth…tell people you work online as a customer service representative. More and more people are working from home via remote access with major companies. Companies such as 1800Flowers, DirecTV, Sony PlayStation, and Xbox. Just to name a few.

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