Cammodels Can Spot Trends With PornHub Insights 2023

Cammodels Can Spot Trends With PornHub Insights 2023

Cammodels can spot trends using pornhub insights 2023

The new year is right around the corner, but before we head into 2024 let’s explore PornHub Insights 2023? Each year statistics are released on what was trending on the world’s largest tube site, PornHub. This is a decades-long tradition and per usual I’m excited to explore the numbers. What’s great about these annual releases is how closely they mirror trends seen on camsites. Each year we like to study the results for a few different reasons:

Cammodels can spot trends using pornhub insights 2023
  • To spot porn trends to help my own cammodel business.
  • Find relevant keywords that I can use for SEO.
  • Using PornHub Insights can help determine where my marketing dollars are best spent.
  • The Year In Review statistics can be used to see when are the best and worst times to live stream, plus release new content.

Search Terms Are Keywords And Here Is How You Should Use Them:

These terms can also be used as keywords in search your cammodel blogs, clip site descriptions, and when creating cammodel profiles on camsites. You can also use these keywords on social media platforms in the form of #Hashtags and even the metadata embedded in pictures from your smartphone.

Photo metadata is a set of data describing and providing information about the rights and administration of an image. It allows information to be transported with an image file, in a way that can be understood by other software and human users.

Cammodels can use pornhub insights to spot trends

I’m currently working on another article that gives more detail on Adult Marketing and SEO, and how we in this industry need to adapt in order to thrive. I’ll talk more about things like metadata and keyword placement more at that time. For now let’s talk a bit more about PornHub Insights specifically. 

When Is The Best Time To Work On A Camsite?

“The best time is whenever you log on!”

Veteran Cammodels

That’s not very specific is it? The truth is finding out which times are best to log on and get to work will vary from day to day and season to season. Other factors that can determine when it’s best to be available for camshows are sporting events, religious holidays, natural disasters and politics. And if you read the entire Year In Review you just might be able to come up with a schedule that works for you. Below is a chart that can give you some idea of when camsites may have the most traffic. 

Busy days cammodels pornhub insights

One final tip I’d like to share with you all and how to make these porn trends work for you. Take a very close look at the most popular times during the week as well as throughout the year when people are most likely to watch porn. There are several graphs in the article going over this key information. You don’t have to change your entire schedule to match up with the article. But it can definitely help determine how you should manage your time live on cam.

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